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Latest Complaints

peter J Nye


My train from Birmingham international on 19.00pm to Euston was half of hour late on Saturday 28th Nov as It happen before on many times in past on every November for NEC Model Railway show between 15 mins to half of hour as I getting Fed up with it always overload with people in train from New Street Birmingham as always able to ask people to move out of their seat in standard class in past as got fed up again, but I and my friends use first class tickets with reserve ticket as found those people use second class tickets sit on first class seat but has to ask them to move out to due reserve seats.

why Do I have to ask them all times in past and last Saturday to move out?

WHERE IS THAT TICKET MAN on the train? Because myself and my Friend are deaf as we are OAP and did enjoy the NEC Model Railway show but I hate for the Virgin train to be running Late which arrive Euston by 20.45pm because I got to go another train from Victoria to Brighton which I miss it on 21.00pm and wait another Half of hour to catch another one so got home by 23.00pm!

So Kindly please I don't want another one on next year on Nov 26th Saturday 2016 with another one delay on Virgin Train going home! but will use first class tickets!

Kindly Why it always Late on Every Year in past and this Year Too? Thanks From Peter



I made repay claims for journeys on 13th August and 13th October. I am having real problems getting my refunds for these.

Contacting Virgin trains by e mail just prompts a standard response but no action or follow up.

Calling the customer service has prompted promises that a cheque has been issued and or I would be called back but this never happens.

Why are Virgin not dealing with this issue which initially started in August? How do I escalate a complaint that has not been handled?

Grumpy of Greenwich

Craig Bray


I have today traveled on the virgin train to London in first class, as I have done on many occasions.

The service in first class is usually spot on, with a great cooked breakfast served speedily.

Today we waited 45 mins in an over heated stuffy carriage to be served a cup of coffee which was accompanied by a day old pastry!

This really isn't the service that I have come to expect from Virgin and certainly didn't warrant the extra monies I paid for my return tickets.

The weekend in London was an early Xmas present for my fiance and I must admit our poor experience on the first leg of our journey has put a dampener on our weekend so far.


C Bray

Alan Connor


Travelled on Voyager train between Wigan and Glasgow 27th November 2015. Paid £6 for 3 hours internet access which failed to work after connecting for 70 minutes. Is it possible to request and receive a refund?

EA Cole


I have just travelled first class on the 19.30 train Kings Cross to Peterborough.

The train was 15 minutes late and even in the extra time we were not served tea/coffee. It arrived literally as we were packing up to leave the train - and that was with the extra 15 minutes journey time.

When we (I was by no means alone in being severely miffed) complained to the staff we were advised that this was day 4 of a new system and that they were only doing what they were told.

Hence the order of service was as they had been instructed, namely cold drinks - food - tea and coffee.

Very few people getting off at Peterborough will have wanted alcohol or food. Those in my carriage disembarking just wanted a cup of tea. But the new rota doesn't allow for this. Please review your procedures as they are inflexible and do not give the level of service I would expect. It is hardly beyond the wit for one of your staff to nip round with tea and milk in advance of the trolleys, surely?

Yours truly

Liz Cole

craig lowe


I am currently sat on your 1757hrs service to Lancaster from London Euston. There was a delay boarding we were then told at 1805hrs that due to delays of arriving trains there was no driver for our train. I am dumbfounded by this. You are charging peak rates for this service and you run a system where you are waiting for a driver to take this "peak" service out.

I am unable to take advantage of the 30 min delay that we have been told about as my workplace booked my ticket. I am disgusted that a company the size of Virgin runs on such a tight manning schedule especially whilst charging top prices for this peak service. I am not a regular commuter but can assure you the relaxed way this delay was communicated tells me that this is a regular or common occurrence??? This is simply not good enough for the Peak service prices you are charging...

I look forward to your reply

yours sincerely

Craig Lowe



Wifi not working in Liverpool Lime St first class lounge (again!!!)

jane moss


The electric socket situated on Coach: E Seat: 45 on the virgin Train at 06:51 train from Coventry to London Euston is faulty and i rely on the power socket to keep my laptop charged and enable me to work. The same train vehicle must be used at this time as it happens everytime im sat there.

Tickets are booked online and so seat is automatically selected so i can't avoid being sat at this seat when chosen by the auto online service.

Can the socket be fixed? Others must find the a pain also.


Unhelpful Staff

Ticket checker on 7:57 from Lancaster to London Euston was very aggressive and unpleasant, made me and my friend feel very uncomfortable.

Andrew Jones

Unhelpful Staff

Your staff at platform 1 18:33 today 09/11/15 was sat in the staff information office none stop chatting on her Mobile phone to her mum about a family matter she must have been on her Mobile for well over 30min very unprofessional with the things she was talking about in public!!!

alison fyfev


Been on first class 40 minutes from Carlisle seen no staff for refreshment at all Sunday 8/11/15 18.52 from Carlisle to Euston service a disgrace

Madeleine Phillips

Unhelpful Staff

The staff member operating the gate at Crewe station was lone working for some reason and only letting passengers out of the station.

When I asked if anyone was operating the gate to let passengers into the station they said that they were doing that also, I told them I had a train to catch which I subsequently missed due to standing at the gate for 3 minutes whilst they let all of the passengers out!

Completely unhelpful and inadequate staffing!

Matthew Richardson


I was really disappointed on the standard of the 1st class service received on our trip from Retford to London (compared to previous occasions). The food choice was poor only a choice of 2 sandwiches, the egg sandwich was dry and old. There was only a soft drink option and I was only offered 1 drink and I don't think I would have got that unless I attracted the attention of the staff. The whole service seemed rushed with no time or attention given to customer service. I do not believe the 1st class service was value for money and I am extremely disappointed that Virgin accepts this standard.

Lynne Lunn


London to Manchester train 20.40 hrs. 28th October. Ref. XXXXXXXXXXX and XXXXXXXXXXXX.

Cancelled train.

We arrived at Euston in time for the abovetrain only to find it was cancelled. There was no Virgin on the concourse to help with assistance. We then proceeded to the booking office and joined a queue. After a while a lady in front of us in the queue noticed a man at the back of the booking office and went to ask him what we should do only to be informed e could get any Manchester train..

We all then dashed to the platform which was chaotic. All frst class was full and overflowing. We continued to the last carriage which was A.

There was standing room only but luckily when we got to Milton Keyes some people left we got a seat.

We are an elderly couple and often travel to London to see our daughter.

We were very disappointed with the lack of information at Euston and look forward to your comments in respect of this matter..

Danny Muir



I was on the 11.38am from Glasgow Central to London Euston and paid £6 for the wifi so I could watch the Hibs v Rangers game on Skyplayer but the wifi was that bad/ slow that I didn't even see a second of the game. I paid on my mobile- 08734975635.

I would like a full refund/ compensation to my credit card please.

Gill Williams


The 11am from Newark Northgate on 31st October 2015.

I booked the quiet carriage both ways, both ways it was noisy, screaming kids, mobile phones going off constantly especially on the 10pm service home .

Both times toilets were filthy dirty .

Disgusted with the whole journey both ways.

Wouldn't want to travel again in a hurry



I paid for first class and the main reason I upgraded to this was as I wouldnt have time to get dinner between work and my train to London (on trains from 5-10pm) I was then told that there would be not hot food due to staff in issues. If I had known this I wouldnt have paid for the privilege of first class. I would like some form of compensation for this if possible. I travel often and wanted to try out first class to see if its worth the money. In this case I dont think so and don&t think I will pay for the privilege in future.

Henry Davies


I bought an hour wifi (£4) and throughout this hour had little to no contact to to wfi. I couldn't get any connection so couldn't get any work done. I please ask for a full refund of £4 as the serive you advertised was not provided, i have no wifi for basically the whole journey.

Please refund me in full, many thanks

Henry Davies

Mr & Mrs Young


On the 23rd October 2015 , we travelled 1st Class on the 14:07 Train from London Euston to Liverpool Lime Street. ( carriage H seats 31 & 33 ) . When the stewardess came around with hot drinks , my wife requested coffee. On pouring coffee into my mug she spilt ,the whole of hot coffee over the table and onto my lap , the coffee also went all over my mobile phone and the tickets which were on the table . She was very apologetic, however my trousers were soaked with coffee as was the seat, she then suggested we move to another carriage ( G ) , she also suggested that l go to the toilet , to check my leg for coffee burns , which l did , the area was very red but not burnt , however , l had to spend an uncomfortable journey to Liverpool, with wet( and stained) trousers . I did expect a senior member of staff ( i.e the train manager ) to come and see me , but no one came . The incident was never mentioned again , although the stewardess passed by on many occasions. We hope this complaint receives your prompt attention and I look forward to your reply .

glenn rich


First let me talk about the huge possibilities and positive influence you can have. On the train from Euston to Manchester on 20/8/15 at 2:00 we had a great experience. Gary and another was polite and gracious. We got a choice of everything on the menu, coffee and all items on the menu. The ride was nice as accustomed and we had a perfect time. This is what I expected and come to expect from virgin lines. SO thank you for this.

For this reason I bought first class tickets and for my brother as part of a 50th birthday celebration his wife and two kids and my son was with me. This experience was nothing like the return journey. Being in coach J we were a long way from the buffet car. So we asked for coffee first. We do not have any water. Without offering it I remembered when this happened last time we could get food and coffee from the buffet car so I still would go with it as you know it was still nice and coffee can be better fresh. Then we were handed a packaged meal rather than the usual choices. It had stuff in it but all packages were the same. But I do not eat egg. The menu said vegetarian options, oriental chicken, meat platter and other items. We got a packaged meal. SO I started the long journey from J to c. Where there was a large q. I asked before getting in the q is the huge selection of sandwiches possible for a passenger who had no choice in first class as nothing else was available. She said they are complimentary in first class meaning take what you’re given. Even though when no service was available before this is exactly what was done. SO I trudged to queue and waited the long time to get my “complimentary coffee”. So we finally got to the front of the queue and she said. These are not the right tickets please can you show us other tickets. At this point I had enough and raised my voice as after buying first class tickets walking all the way to coach C to get my complimentary coffee told I just had to show my tickets she said I had the wrong ones. Pictured repeated this task of the long walk and queue. I double checked the tickets, they said first class on them but in small writing. I repeated again they were first class and while angry at me she apologized. She said she could not read them because she did not have her glasses. This time I am reminded about a comedy sketch but if her job is to read, why is she not wearing her glasses. Anyways the argument extended on to the sandwiches and my brother cleared me away and we finally got our coffee. On the way back to our seats, my brother held open the door for a girl who reached around the completely open side of the door and got her arm stuck behind it. He was able to free her hand by pushing the door one way and getting her hand free the other. At this point his heart was racing as we got horrible service and had to save a girls hand from the door.

Overall your service has to potential to be great but staff and variation make it horrible

A very disappointed passenger

Glenn rich