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    Cancellation - G.L.Hull

    I am complaining about the cancellation without notice of the 13.00 Train from Birmingham International To London Euston on March 21. I had booked tickets in advance and reserved 2 seats. On arrival at station the info board showed train on time but suddenly at 12.50 it was announced that the train was cancelled with no reason given. I spoke to one of virgin`s ticket staff who did not give a reason for the cancellation, nor offer any apology. He told us to get on next train but that our seat reservation was invalid and subsequently we had to stand all the way to Euston as there were no available seats on this overcrowded train. I had specifically reserved seats due to my travelling companion needing to sit or medical reasons which he was unable to do! On our return journey on the 21.18 from Watford Junction, the train was delayed, was again overcrowded and again we had to stand as the seats had not been reserved on this train which was operating a "sit where you can policy". A variety of reasons were given as to why the train was late, including signal problems, late departure from Euston and staffing difficulties. In summary the customer service offered was disgraceful!
    2015-03-22 12:53:23

    Other - Nicola

    My daughter is currently having to sit on her suitcase on a virgin train from Euston... Having paid full fare there is no seat available.. Discussing and unsafe.. Say,e on you Virgin Rail!
    2015-03-21 21:31:41

    Unhelpful Staff - Savit

    Case Reference: VT-070315-0007. I have emailed 3 times regarding my claim and I'm not getting a response! Why? All I want to know is what address to send my vouchers back to so I can get a cheque to replace the amount owed. What is the delay?
    2015-03-17 23:31:57

    Delay - Peter

    virgin trains have no idea or desire of how to cope with overcrowding and its time for a passenger demo against this company. Paying 264 pounds each week for return travel and have to stand next to the famously smelly toilets for 1.5 hours as no seats available. on a rare occasion i got a seat then just as we set off they put the reserved notices on so a huge commotion as every body had to get up as the train was pulling out and scuffles broke out children screaming in fear and no staff - it is not acceptable to treat people this way - I stood all the way alongside a mother and baby in the entry at least I can cope but she was having a breakdown trying to keep the baby in her arms, she sat down in good faith in a seat saying available then it changed to reserved as we set off and she then had lost the chance to find a seat. I am sick and tired of this lame service how much longer before something is done. Virgin are raking in money and the government sell the franchise so those two parties will do nothing the cost is borne by the travelling public who's have to abandon all dignity and civility when they have to travel on the trains. And they propose HS2 as a solution we all know it will take 20 years to complete and cost 3 times what they say. they don't realise It isn't a case of speed the journey times are fine its a case of capacity and comfort. and that needs new double decker trains on adapted existing lines. But this would require some imagination and public service orientated thinking unfortunately that's not the current flavour of things. First class is a luxury we cannot afford on an overcrowded network it should be abandoned and all trains made one class.
    2015-03-15 22:16:06

    Delay - Andrew Lamb

    Virgin wi-fi, I find it really frustrating that I have just paid £10 for such a substandard service. Two devices can't access the Internet and the one device that I have is basically hanging. It really is unsatisfactory and I would expect a reputable company to fix it or suspend it until it reaches the minimum performance required to be acceptable.
    2015-03-13 20:02:12

    Ticketing - Sammie

    Am putting a compliant in on behalf of my mum. I booked her tickets for her a while ago now for the train to London Euston 13march at 11.47 from Liverpool lime street, on this trian my mother experienced some difficulty from other member of the public as on there tickets it shows they had reserved the same seats which I don't know how when my mum was booked to do stright to London. One of the family who had the same seats was very rude to my mum who was travelling alone and felt abit intimidated by them where as the other family member was fine and sorted it out and say in another seat. My mum also told me that no staff member cMe around to check anyone's tickets or to assist am very disappointed with your service lately as I had trouble last year one your Virgin train home form London and now my mum has thinmight have to look at other ways to get to London if this is going to be the case
    2015-03-13 15:36:32

    Other - kelly crossan

    I would like to make an complaint about my journey from.Glasgow central to Coventry on Wednesday the 4th on the 12 o'clock train, I was traveling with my 5 month old baby it was all going well until I got to Birmingham new Street when the train started to get busy and there was an man that came on the train and I stood up to start getting my pram and that off to get ready and the man asked if the seat was available and I send no and he started mouthing off at me saying a should not be putting luggage on the seat and when I said to him it was not luggage it was a 5 month old baby in her car seat and he started swearing and that at me saying he knows the difference between a car seat and luggage and I really was upset with this and unhappy that no staff came to deal with what was going on.
    2015-03-09 19:39:07

    Other - Mair kennedy

    I travelled to Cambridge on Thursday 5th march and returned on mon9th march, no problems with the journey or service etc but I was unfortunate enough to have a dog in the seat next to me I am not a dog lover and I am slightly allergic to certain dog hair. The woman opposite me on the 9th March was actually pulling dog hair from her clothing an dropping it in the carriage which was very un hygienic in my opinion. I was wondering whether virgin select certain dog occupied carriages, if this is the case can I be informed of this when I book further travel both to Cambridge and Twyford in order to visit my family many thanks Mair kennedy.
    2015-03-09 19:17:00

    Delay - davidowens

    hi their iwant to log acomplaijnt about 2yrs agome and my mum went toacaravan kin wales wink ups in towynnorth wales and we got on the virgin traoin in rhyl station about 3oclock now any eway my dad wanted to go to the toiliet now and then the girls then was messing around withedoorsand my dad ened up getting locked i their now which was not vey n98ice at al now can ypu lok in to tis from dave owens with areply back to mr david owens 5walo breck roasd anfield l40rb
    2015-03-07 14:39:06

    Delay - Mark Tindal

    Don't expect the staff on today's Virgin service at 17:25 from Newcastle to care that you missed your train. That's if you can find them! Had to hunt the train for the guard hiding in his cabin, when I asked if my ticket was valid for the next service he said no! Thing is, he didn't even look at the ticket. When I insisted he looked first, he smiled smugly and said I told you it wouldn't be valid. As he had a machine next to him I then asked him for a replacement ticket and he informed me, I'll get to you with everyone else. Very nice man... NOT!!
    2015-03-05 17:38:08

    Other - Tony

    1 careful owner of a £7000 season ticket but I still have to stand because Virgin care more about empty 1st class carriages than the poor standard class travellers packed in like sardines and not enough seats to go around on their 9 coach pendelino's. They expect their staff to be treated with respect but are not prepared to reciprocate back to their passengers. No apologies or comment from them either.
    2015-02-27 19:25:38

    Delay - Brian

    Raw sausage in first class on 07:00 from Liverpool to Euston today. 4th class service for £235!
    2015-02-25 09:18:17

    Delay - Sofiah shakeel

    Extreme violent behaviour on the train from Birmingham to manchester picadilly on Saturday 22nd February in the evening. Also racist and abusive language throwing items at passengers. Staff did nothing whatsoever. Apparently virgin trains think it is appropriate to have hooligans and allow them to terrorise other passengers and when one lady asked them please to be quiet in a polite manner they proceeded to chant she's a slag.
    2015-02-22 23:00:08

    Cancellation - Aaron

    It seems the 17.57 on a Thursday from Euston to Lancaster is cancelled most weeks, why even advertise it if you can't provide the service, so far this year it's been 5 out of 8 weeks cancelled. Less than 50% service, what a joke.
    2015-02-19 17:48:48

    Delay - Claire duffy

    I was on the 12.30 train to Glasgow Central on 17.02.15, I fell asleep just after Preston and woke up at Glasgow, when I woke up my suitcase was not there, I asked fellow passengers who told me the staff had taken my suitcase off of the train as lost property. Staff did not wake me up to ask if it was my bag and then when I spoke to the train manager she found it funny, she laughed with Her colleague on the phone while trying to sort out the finding of my case. I then missed my wedding rehearsal as I had to wait in Glasgow for 3 hours for my case to be brought on the next train. I would like a full refund as this is not acceptable!
    2015-02-17 19:01:41

    Other - Ash Chohan

    Regular traveller on Virgin trains. Reserved seat with power socket. Power failed to work. Informed staff who was very unhelpful. No alternative seat offered. Asked to speak with manager, who failed to come to speak with me. Wasted reservation. Very disappointed with the service received. Second time that this has happened to me as a Virgin Train passenger.
    2015-02-17 11:35:53

    Delay - Chris

    We paid £126.60 to get from Birmingham Int to London Euston on 14 Feb 2015. The train going to London was delayed by approx an hour and there 19.40 train return was a complete joke and totally ruined the day. It was re scheduled to go to Wolverhampton via Stratford not calling at Birmingham at all. We were advised to get off at Rugby, get a bus to Coventry and then attempt to get a train to Birmingham. The queues to get the bus at Rugby was ridiculous and the buses were NOT waiting, it was raining and there was no promise of a train when we got to Coventry according to the steward. We had to get a taxi from Rugby to Birmingham which cost an additional £60. So our day out on Saturday cost £186.60 and the experience was absolutely horrendous. We checked the Virgin App all day checking for delays for the journey home and the App assured us that all services were running fine!!!??? We would like our money back please as this, I'm sure you would agree, it extremely bad service and not worth £186
    2015-02-16 12:55:19

    Other - Anonymous

    My husband and I purchased return tickets to Reading on the internet on 1st January 2015. Then the landslide between Banbury and Leamington Spa occurred. We followed Cross Country travel advice which we downloaded from National Rail Enquiries on 7th February before travelling on February 9th going via London Euston on a Virgin train and had no problems. We made enquiries to check that we could return on 13th by the same route and were advised by the Virgin train manager that we could do so. On 13th we caught a train at 13.14 from Reading to St Pancras, underground to Euston Square and then on foot to Euston Station. All was fine until we went to board the train to Manchester a few minutes before departure time of 14 20 and were prevented from doing so by a Virgin employee who treated us in an unhelpful manner. He said that our tickets could not be used because Cross Country were not paying Virgin what they were supposed to be doing. He said we would have to go and buy Virgin tickets or go back to Reading and start again using the tickets we already had. We were using that train because it got us back for a meeting we were due to attend that night. I don’t think we are unreasonable people and we did not want to make a big fuss because it quickly became obvious the Virgin employee had no intention of allowing us to board that train. We did find the ticket office and were told it would cost a further £160 for 2 single tickets to Manchester, even using our Senior Citizen Railcards. By then we had missed the train anyway. We headed back to Reading and the underground staff were very helpful allowing us to retrace our steps, as was Great Western ticket office at St Pancras. After that we caught a train to Banbury and then a coach [which I particularly wanted to avoid] to join up with the Manchester train. It was just after 20.35 when we reached Manchester Piccadilly and 21.35 when we got home feeling upset, tired and frustrated because a journey of about 4 hours had taken more than 9 and a half. We are in our 70’s and use Cross Country trains to visit family rather than driving and have always been satisfied with the service. We will continue to do so once the track is replaced. Unfortunately in all the upset we did not get the Virgin employees name but I am certain he would not like his elderly parents treated in such a manner.
    2015-02-14 09:46:20

    Unhelpful Staff - Nezer

    @Beamer120: @VirginTrains Sorry but customer care and professionalism disgusting at Euston tried to catch 16.10 to Bangor. Rude Attendant at Gate 1. If he was the public face of Virgin, well I will take custom elsewhere #attitude #rude
    2015-02-13 18:39:09

    Delay - Theresa

    I don't mind the fact that our train has been cancelled on the way to see family for the weekend but I do mind the unbelievably rude woman sitting at the virgin pop up desk who didn't even look at me when I asked her politely what train to get? Seriously Virgin can't you manage to teach your staff basic manners? I have an infant with me who can't speak but has more manners than that rude lady in euston! Disgusted!!
    2015-02-13 10:57:54

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