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Ben Bartlett



I was travelling on the 15:08 London Euston to Chester train travelling in First Class coach E seat 33. The WiFi was unusable throughout the journey. I followed the steps provided if the WiFI doesn't work, and these still failed. I am a senior IT Engineer and know how to use WiFi, I made contact with the train crew and he was not sure what to do about this. I could not even connect to the page for most of the journey.

This is not the first time that WiFi has not worked on Virgin trains.

J brailsford


Was on train 215 from Manchester's Piccadilly to Milton Keynes was delayed by 40 minutes broken line I think we mist are lift cost 40 pound in taxi was not happy at all because was with woman I care for she has mental health ishuses and had panic attack had to get her home Quick ticket numbers are 6863174963 and 6863174963 if you need to call me for more info call 01296580317



The worst booking experience online then by phone that I've ever experienced from any company for anything ever. It would have been easier to drive the 30 miles to the station and buy a ticket than going on Virgin's site to book and buy a ticket. They charged me, gave me a ticket number then decided they couldn't email or let me print a ticket from the web site then told me that I would have to book another ticket and they would take £10 to cancel the first ticket. Then on the second call they issued a ticket number but told me I would have to queue at the station to collect the ticket. Whats the point of online booking because it doesn't work ......... then just try and reserve a seat ....... totally impossible. Moral being don't use Virgin Trains.



Paid £4 to have wifi for an hour and service was awful! Constantly dropping bandwidth!

John Millard


On the 14th April 2016 I travelled first class between Carlisle and Plymouth.The train I was due to travel on was cancelled due to a fault and the next train was running late. As a consequence I arrived at Plymouth precisely 2 hours late.

I contacted Virgin upon my return who allocated me a case number.I followed this up by sending in a completed delay refund form as provided for me at Carlisle station along with a copy of my on-line booking confirmation.

They acknowledged receipt and gave me another case number ! Nothing else then happened and I have ever since been trying to contact them by e-mail/phone /on-line. There seems to be a battle going on between Virgin Trains and Virgin Coast East as to who is responsible.When I did finally get thru on the phone I got no-where with promises of return phone calls did not happen - THE CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THE WORST I HAVE EVER KNOWN -quite unbelievable ! They are blocking me at every turn and clearly do not want to pay out -so much for all their hype that they care and can offer a quick response !! The net result of all the time I have spent on this is to be allocated a third case number! CAN ANYONE OUT THERE PLEASE HELP ?

Thank you -John Millard

Chris Atkinson


I made an email compaint on the 25th April, I have asked for updates on two futher ocassions since then and had no response. I have sent a tweet and still nothing , I'm at the point of never using your service again. Please can you email me asap for details

susan mccormack on behalf of


Dear Customer Service,

We are a team of professionals who work with young people as volunteers at Mode Rehabilitation. We are a fledgling charity and have used our initial funding of 10,000 from the lottery to support our project, where young people talk about important topics on mental health and we help them to talk about the difficulties they face. We also help them with skills that supports resilience and builds self esteem. This Friday the Centre of Mental Health London has provided us with free places to attend workshops on self esteem and supporting young people who are self harming. We have many children who come into our services who self harm. If it was not for their generosity we would not be able to attend. Unfortunately we cannot afford the train journey. We have made several attemts to find affordable train travel to London Euston on 13th Friday May, but to no avail. Please can you help it is absolutely imperative we attend and vital for the support we give to young people. Please can you help us and please can we ask that you donate two tickets for our two volunteers so that they may attend.

We are truly grateful you were willing to listen. I did try to reach you on the live chat but I could not find the option button.

Yours sincerely

Susan McCormack

Sarah McMillan



We travelled back from London on the 10th April at 20.25 we had a delay approximately a hour which caused us to get back to Preston at midnight in which we had to pay time and a half for a taxi in addition.

I contacted virgin after 48 hours as it did say when booked in advance it automatically went back on your card which it didn't. I got an automated response I emailed again with the booking form attached and have heard nothing since, I can't contact them in any other way.

The tickets cost £150.00 so I was entitled to £75.00 back and have heard or had nothing.

Would appreciate this been looked into.

Many thanks

Sarah McMillan

Bob d


My train to London Euston from Glasgow was cancelled at very late notice this morning --- that is when I arrived at the station for the 9.40. No warning email. Fortunately on the 10 am but now no Wifi --- all in all not good....bobd

Bryony walker



The other day I took a three and a half hour train from London to Penrith and had to spend the whole journey sat on the floor, cramped on top of a bin. I travel on virgin trains all the time and on this particular occasion spent 60 pounds to sit in the floor. I appreciate that overcrowding happens from time to time, but when it does I don't think it's fair to pay the full 60 pounds amount for my typical journey to sit on the floor. Looking forward hearing from you,



mr abdul malik


Dear sir/madam my name is Mr Abdul Malik my booking reference number is 2221232369

I made some mistakes by not saying I've got a family and friends card because I do and the number is:97457.

So is there any chance I can still get a discount. I'm am going to broad tomorrow. And again I apologise for my mistake. Sorry, this was my first time booking online. Please try and get me a discount. Thank you, Mr Abdul Malik

Andy Bendzak


I am very disappointed at the lack of any feedback from customer services via email and the option of live chat.

I have sent you a number of emails and waited on your live chat facility for hours.

This is very poor service and a lack of focus and attention to providing any degree of customer service.

I expect to be called on 07973 368507 or an email

I want to change the date of my complimentary rail travel you provided due to a poor service earlier in the year and the ticket expires 30th April and I would like to travel next Wed.

Helen G


I'm writing to complain about my journey from Edinburgh to London on virgin trains on 21 April, departing Edinburgh 14.30.

I booked first class as this is the longest leg of a journey i was making to Kent.. The point of travelling first class was to have a more comfortable journey and to have a meal.

First, the train was packed, even in first class, so a comfortable journey was not possible. I gather the previous train had been cancelled. It was also very stuffy in the carriage, and that didn't help either. Everyone was obviously very uncomfortable.

My seat was broken so that it wouldn't go in the upright position (coach K seat 45).

The food on offer was, however, the worst aspect, and I thought it was really pretty pathetic. When I boarded the train at 2.30 sandwiches, cake and bananas came round immediately, but I declined sandwiches and cake as I'd had lunch not long before. I would have had some fruit but there were only bananas (which I can't eat). Later, more sandwiches, same as before - stodgy white bread, not very fresh looking. Everyone was looking at them as if to say, yuk, is that all there is? People who did have sandwiches left most of them, I noticed. Still no fruit apart from bananas. I asked if there would be hot food later and was told no, this service does afternoon tea. I queried this as it arrives into London at 18.50, which is way past my idea of the time for afternoon tea! But was just told that's how it was. (Actually this one was delayed as it had to make two extra stops to cater for passenge who had intended to catch the cancelled 2.00 service, then there was another hold up and arrived into London 25 minutes late.. So my journey on this train was nearly five hours.)

So I'd like to you really think that someone who's paid for a first class seat on one of your trains for nearly 5 hours should be satisfied with a few manky sandwiches?! Unfortunately I have no choice but to use this service as I live in Edinburgh and need to travel to Kent regularly to see my elderly mum.

But the service was so much better when it was operated as east coast trains! I'm really disappointed, particularly on this journey, which has been my worst experience so far of this service.

Alcoholic drinks were in abundant supply right from the start of the journey, but how about prioritising some decent food when the journey is a long one and straddles obvious mealtimes?

Shaun McEwan



I travel to London every Tuesday morning for work and return on Thursdays.

I booked my ticket for this week on Sunday night and accidently selected the date of Monday 25th instead of Tuesday. I realised my mistake on Monday morning when I got up however I was unable to get through to the ticketing office to change the booking. It seems that the phone line does not open until 8:30 so I called up later in the day to change the ticket only to be told that nothing can be done and I have to purchase a new ticket.

I am surprised to be treated like this given that I made an honest mistake and you can see from my ticket history that I always travel on a Tuesday. I have spent over £2000 on Virgin train ticket in the past 6 months and I constantly have to put up with the late running trains and cancellations. If I have to put up with this quality of service then I expect when I make one mistake that you will give a little leeway in the other direction.

I was returning home from London on the 19:40 on the 14th April and the train ran through Tamworth and the next station because of issues and I had to get off at Lichfield Trent Valley and wait for a train going back to Tamworth. I didn't get home until gone 10PM. I didn't receive an apology or a refund on my ticket and I didn't complain. Sometimes these things happen. But I think it's ridiculous that when the customer makes a mistake you have a zero tolerance policy and expect me to pay twice for my travel.

I will re book my ticket for tomorrow and then seek alternative travel arrangements for the future.




Last month my train was delayed by around 80 minutes. I finally received vouchers and have sent them back asking for a cheque instead as that was a one-off journey and I won't be able to use those vouchers so they're pointless for me. I've still not received the cheque and have tried to call on numerous occasions and can't get through. Have left a message and my call isn't returned... thought I'd try the online chat and can't get through on that either. Utterly useless. I thought Virgin was meant to pride itself on great customer service???

Christopher Park

Unhelpful Staff

Please can someone contact me regarding my complaint I logged on 3 rd April with no reply.

Martin phillips


Please can someone contact me on 07961718546 to discuss a incident on the train yesterday concerning my daughter, who was trapped in the toilet and then had 2 men enter the toilet.

Mark Woolham


There are a number of elements to our complaint. My wife and I travelled on Saturday 2nd April 2016 on the 6.36a.m train, booking ref number 6713175013. When we arrived at Lancaster station we were informed that the station car park was closed due to maintenance- we had no warning of this. The alternative parking was some distance away and had your train been on time, we would have missed it. This was an extremely stressful start to our day in London. The carriage was comfortable, the steward was welcoming and helpful. However your policy of selling upgrades on the day leads to Ist class being overcrowded, thus in our opinion reducing the comfort. Overall the outward journey was fine compared to the return. On boarding the train at Euston we felt the carriage was not to the standard of the outward journey in terms of cleanliness. The tables were not set, no water available so we helped ourselves from the fridge. A family were brought through with a dog and seated at the end of the carriage. They were disruptive throughout the journey, with one member constantly walking up and down the carriage and nothing was done by the steward to control their behaviour. We wondered if they actually had 1st class tickets although we did not question this with the staff on board. On arrival at Preston ( we knew about alternative transport to Lancaster due to maintenance work) there were no signs indicating where to wait for the onward coach transfer. We approached a coach and were brusquely informed by the driver to wait a few yards up the road to wait. After a few minutes he drove to this point to let us get on. His customer service left much to be desired to say the least! One inebriated female boarded the bus, using foul language, carrying alcohol on board and proceeded to distract the driver with inane questions thus compromising passenger safety. The driver did nothing to control her behaviour. We were relieved to arrive back at Lancaster and feel compelled to express our disappointment with the return journey overall. First class tickets are purchased for a reason- to enjoy a comfortable journey albeit for a premium price and on this occasion Virgin failed to deliver value for money, in our opinion.

We anticipate your response.

Chris Jones


Train delayed 20 minutes, felt like a coffee and sandwich, onboard shop closed before Warrington, crew change over at Preston normally. No staff in sight, poor services.

I only have a 23 minute journey, this is not the first time normally happens when I get the earlier train 0827 Warrington to Preston.

Catriona Livingstone


Firstly, when I was unable to buy my advance first ticket online, I bought my return journey tickets at the nearest station. I asked for advance first with my senior railcard for the dates required. I was given 2 singles and I checked the dates and details. What I didn't notice was they were standard not first.

This proved crucial.

My journey from Edinburgh to Newcastle on 29/3/16 10am was unpleasant, cramped and noisy. The tea I bought was not good.

My return journey from Newcastle to Haymarket on 1/4/16 18.44 was unbearable.

This train left at 18.53 instead of 18.44. It arrived at Haymarket at 20.32. The connection to Livingston North had left at 20.21. The next one was 20.56 and it was really freezing in the platform waiting. The train from Newcastle was full of very noisy, smelly, rude passengers! I am aged 64. What is usually an extremely pleasant coastal journey to and from my daughter was tiring, cramped and frightening! I did not feel SAFE or comfortable at all!