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    Unhelpful Staff - Clare hall

    I have just ended a call with the most unhelpful and rude member of staff from your online call centre. After a long time of trying to book a family of five on a return journey from liverpool to euston this Saturday 20th December. This was online. I was attempting to ensure that we were all sat together given our children are all under the age of 12. The website did not give any success in this so I called the centre, hoping to book our tickets. I was absolutely appalled to be spoken to by 'Pooja', and I could simply understand a word of which she was saying. Quite simply, Pooja was impossible to understand and could not give me any logical or understandable solutions to our journey. I am a teacher who works in a school with multi ethnic backgrounds and so I am very understandable of varying races and spoken languages such as this. However, in the UK, you would expect that, if you can't book a journey online, you would be able to call the centre and complete the booking in that way. If English staff were employed, then perhaps that would be the case! Absolutely disgusted with virgin trains. Our trip will not be happening. Please make sure that your call centre staff speak English, surely that's a basic ?
    2014-12-14 19:06:54

    Other - Lynn sweeney

    Complaining about Euston Birmingham 9.45pm Saturday. The train was full standing room only. It was was packed to bursting dangerous ,health and safety would have a field day here. No room to move fights braking out police called, we have paid for this service disgusting
    2014-12-11 17:38:28

    Delay - kulwinder

    The service at preston station was appalling, the train from to birmingham was dealyed by one hour and no announcement were made to keep the passenger updated. Found virgin staff arrogant and vey unhelpful, it was freezing and not knowing what time on the next train ????? Will never be commuting on virgin trains again!!
    2014-12-10 11:40:58

    Unhelpful Staff - Emma

    I'm writing to complain about a member of your staff member on your virgin pendilino service 11:58 to London euston on Wednesday 3rd December. I was late getting to the train due to university classes and the front entrance and ticket desks were blocked off to the public so I had to walk round which took longer. I looked on your website and it does say that I can buy a ticket on board and didn't specifically state what payment method. I only had my card due to be rushing home after my classes. I was approached by the instructor who when approached me had an attitude and pin pointed me when there was an elderly gentleman next to me. She took my card, and then stated it was declined. I did day politely that it shouldn't be declined because I did have enough money but she said 'well yes but some cards don't work'. Well other than she was existent rude and afterwards was waving my card in my face saying I could be prosecuted. Then she insistingly was asking me questions about why I couldn't get a ticket before and me explaining that I have been in classes all day and needed to get this train to get home she then said 'well they run oftenly enough so you should have got one before boarding'. Her attitude towards me was discusting and didn't speak to me like a paying customer. I did pay for my ticket even though she was treating me like I refused to pay. Towards the end of out encounter she asked me whether I had a pen. Aren't all staff members suppose to carry a pen to mark tickets incase there clicker didn't work? The woman I spoke to was a older women who had no interest with talking to me which concluded in her talking to me in a rude manner. I have paid on board before by a friendly and pleasant instructor. For future reference can you specify on your website that card payments may 'sometimes' work. Not everyone will have time to get a ticket before boarding or may not have cash but don't deserve to be spoken to the way I was. I will think twice about using virgin trains next time as I am treated like a inconvenience.
    2014-12-03 19:23:34

    Unhelpful Staff - Matt

    I'm writing to complain about extremely rude and helpful train manager on the 16:35pm train from Manchester Piccadilly to London Euston on Saturday 29th November 2014. How can these employees think that they can speak to people the way they do. It seems like you get some nice ones but the majority have no concept of customer service. The train manager was called COLIN, and the problem was that I had no ticket as I rushed to get on the train. I wanted to buy a ticket (off peak) for £65 but he said I could only buy a full price ticket for £133!!!! That's nonesense, as i have bought off peak return tickets regularly on the trains from the train manager. He was rude, abrasive and had absolutely no respect. I decided to travel on London Midland on the way home and will do in the future to avoid these unhelpful staff.
    2014-12-03 16:41:45

    Delay - Anonymous

    I take violent exception to the recent email I received about terrible disruption to travelling in Feb 2015; "We're Throwing A Spanner In The Works - Hi [first name], we'd hate you to get stuck...' this is a withdrawal on several Mondays of a service for which there is no replacement and their facetious and over familiar language just adds insult to injury. They betray no consciousness that commuters are human beings or anything other than a statistic which must be shut up via a No Reply email. This company should not be running any railway.
    2014-11-28 20:24:56

    Dirty Toilet - Clare

    On the 17.30pm from Glasgow Central my journey was unpleasant, frustrating and did not deliver what was promised because of utterly pointless and broke wifi (reported three times, rang Helpline), Appalling dry, terrible salad with chicken drier than a cracker, two small cheery tomatoes and two slices of dry cucumber (photos available), filthy toilets (photos available)and a temperature fluctuation that would challenge any menopause. I bought a first class ticket, had to buy my own dinner in the cafe carriage as the first class one was inedible, couldn't work so lost half a day of work which will have to be now tomorrow on top of my normal day because the wifi didn't work and was late arriving in london. Staff were nice but seriously a clean loo, working wifi and edible simple food is a start. Perhaps do that first before trying togo into space. Thanks Clare
    2014-11-24 22:12:24

    Unhelpful Staff - Robert Wild

    On Saturday 21st November I boarded a Train destination Cardiff Central departing Manchester Piccadilly at 17:06. Shortly after the train left the station an anxious looking woman walked passed my seat several times before sitting down opposite me and my daughter (age 11). About 5 mins into the journey a loud disruptive screaming erupted behind us. The woman opposite fled immediately – leaving her belongings and half eaten orange – to speak to staff in the Buffet car. She could clearly be seen inside the car talking to the Buffet manager and pointing down the carriage to her set (opposite me) and the owner of the voice. This was a large, bald, blue shirted, tattooed, football fan who was screaming/chanting/swearing and making everyone’s life hell. Most customers within the carriage felt embarrassed, intimidated and humiliated. I think the woman was not short of terrified. After a while she returned to her seat opposite me at which point the thug started to try and engage her – she grabbed her things and said “Cowards” before leaving the carriage. I and my increasingly anxious daughter understood immediately what had happened. She had requested help from your staff and none was forthcoming. The thug pursued her and returned soon after – apparently unable to keep up. The thug and his partner (now in drunken slumber) began to lean across two seats and try to engage to single women in conversation – who to their credit and with immense bravery listened to his drunken ramblings. I left the train at Stafford. Tense, anxious and with a very disturbed daughter. I attempted to talk to the train manager/conductor asking him what he proposed to do about the lunatic intimidating the passengers. He said, “ Please stand back it’s dangerous”. I repeated my question and asked for his name. He refused to give it. I tried to look at his badge and he stood back to conceal it as the train began to move off. This is one of the most appalling examples of customer service I have ever encountered and contrary to your customer charter. What is the policy in regard to keeping passengers safe?
    2014-11-24 20:13:45

    Broken Toilet - Andriy Bulygin

    No toilet paper in coach G(first class) 18:40 train to Birmingham.
    2014-11-23 19:50:38

    Other - Matthew Gradidge

    I paid for wifi yesterday but the service just didn't work. Going to submit a claim for a refund but here is no option for wifi refunds. Tried calling and as expected there was a huge queue on the support line. Anyone know a way to submit a complaint about wifi?
    2014-11-20 09:15:14

    Delay - Paul O'Brien

    I travel regularly on the Manchester - Euston service. Over the last 6 to 12 months, there has been no hand washing water in any of the toilets and I hear constant complaints about the dirty condition and lack of paper. Clearly, this is a public health hazard and must be remedied. Come on Virgin, get a grip.
    2014-11-19 17:46:36

    Other - Sian Lerwill

    Virgin trains-speak a new language? On Saturday we were asked to detrain when our train journey was stopped owing to (not DUE TO ) signal failure between Preston and Lancaster. Detrain? What's wrong with get out or get off or even our old faithful alight?
    2014-11-10 22:59:27

    Ticketing - Michael

    I had to come back a dayearly from London Due to my father in law dying. I asked at the station if I could use my tickets a day early and the woman at the information desk at Euston station said yes. I went to the platform and was told I could not use these tickets that I had to upgrade. The train was due in 15 mins and was the last train and my wife was desperate to get back home so I had to pay an extra £310.30 to get there. I complained when I got back and was told that I would get a full refund and have the emails to prove it as I was given the wrong info. Since then my father in law has died and Virgin have did not give me a full refund only a part refund of £88. I have tried to contact them again but they just ignore my emails. They are definitely a hard hearted bunch.
    2014-11-10 20:55:00

    Other - Mrs S M Thomas

    I had pre-booked tickets with seat reservations for the 7th November on the 10.35 train to Euston from Manchester Piccadilly. The 10.15 train from Manchester to Euston did not arrive therefore the 10.35 train from Manchester to Euston was double booked and seat reservations where cancelled I could not get a seat to sit next to my friend who had also got a seat reservation and we was unable to travel together. Also due to overcrowding the buffet bar was closed. I was not told of the cancelled reservation tickets until I was on the train. Very disappointed with Virgin as we travel every year for the Remembrance celebrations together.
    2014-11-10 12:41:41

    Other - Michael Greatorex

    My Wife and I "OAP" caught the 0945 on 08/11/2014 from Wolverhampton to London Euston. This Train must have broken every safety rule in the book.Old people,like ourselves, mothers and children were crammed in and standing for the whole journey. I cannot accept, that due to signaling problems at Preston, one Unit was sent to London. Thank heaven that there was not an accident. Come on Virgin.
    2014-11-09 14:07:16

    Other - Kelly hollis

    Booked first class tickets for the 9.45 to birm international on the 8th November not offered refreshments, and could not get seat reserved as train was changed, I thought booking first class for the first time would be stress free may as well gone in any carriage not a happy customer
    2014-11-08 10:20:03

    Broken Toilet - Anon

    I travelled on the 18:55 last night (2 Nov) from Manchester to London and 2 toilets were broken, and the rest were filthy and had no toilet paper, even in First Class. I asked twice within the first 45 mins of the journey if they could re-stock the paper so female passengers could use a toilet, twice I was told they would, but they didn't. And don't even get me started about your wi-fi! Thanks for such marvellous Customer Service, Virgin (NOT.)
    2014-11-03 12:46:02

    Unhelpful Staff - Oyinda

    I was travelling with my two daughters aged 2 & 4 years to Liverpool for a half term break, I also travel 1st class when on a train with themes I find it easier to cope on my own. I went for a cheaper ticket that would take me to Crewe and then I would get a connection to LIverpool. We got on the 11.10 train to Chester, which would take us to Crewe, from the minute we got on the train manager was a nightmare. She came up to me stating 'This is a first class cabin' to which I replied 'I know ' We sat down and when she came round checking tickets, she said 'you only have one ticket.' Yes, I'm travelling with two children under five I said. SHE then said 'we will not have food for them'. ( in a cabin with over 8 empty seats) I answered: that's not a problem as I am capable of feeding my children and they are not hungry. Twice during the journey she came up to my girls who were talking to themselves saying 'shush' and 'keep the noise levels down' and then proceeds to talk to her colleague in a loud voice. My kids then spent the rest of the journey looking behind them in her direction before they spoke. I know I am a black woman and we often get stereotyped, but we can pay for first class seats, and it is normal for an adult to travel with two children under five with the one ticket. As for not having enough food to give accompanying children, what utter rubbish. I travel London to Liverpool route at least every month and also to Manchester. I have had my two daughters on various occasion without any such abuse and attitude. It was disgusting, and it took a lot of self control and the fact that my two impressionable children were present to not give her a piece of my mind. Silly Woman. I do know I will definitely not travel the London to Chester route on Virgin trains.
    2014-11-02 22:33:21

    Unhelpful Staff - Anonymous

    On departure from llandudno to euston, Sunday 2nd nov at 11.40am, we wanted to make the most of the weekend first class upgrade but there were only three seats left that were available. The train manager was sitting across two seats and when I politely asked him to move to the single seat so my husband and I could sit together, his reply was "uh....nope (stern voice) as I have many things to do." So much for customer service....
    2014-11-02 11:49:28

    Delay - Bob Romanoff

    It has taken over an hour and a lot of frustration booking a journey online. I was continually informed that my details were incorrect, which they were NOT and was forced to re-enter them time and time again. I had to use a card I did not wish to do so as my valid MasterCard did not match the erroneous information that was had been stored!!
    2014-10-27 22:07:34

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