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    Other - Tony

    1 careful owner of a £7000 season ticket but I still have to stand because Virgin care more about empty 1st class carriages than the poor standard class travellers packed in like sardines and not enough seats to go around on their 9 coach pendelino's. They expect their staff to be treated with respect but are not prepared to reciprocate back to their passengers. No apologies or comment from them either.
    2015-02-27 19:25:38

    Delay - Brian

    Raw sausage in first class on 07:00 from Liverpool to Euston today. 4th class service for £235!
    2015-02-25 09:18:17

    Delay - Sofiah shakeel

    Extreme violent behaviour on the train from Birmingham to manchester picadilly on Saturday 22nd February in the evening. Also racist and abusive language throwing items at passengers. Staff did nothing whatsoever. Apparently virgin trains think it is appropriate to have hooligans and allow them to terrorise other passengers and when one lady asked them please to be quiet in a polite manner they proceeded to chant she's a slag.
    2015-02-22 23:00:08

    Cancellation - Aaron

    It seems the 17.57 on a Thursday from Euston to Lancaster is cancelled most weeks, why even advertise it if you can't provide the service, so far this year it's been 5 out of 8 weeks cancelled. Less than 50% service, what a joke.
    2015-02-19 17:48:48

    Delay - Claire duffy

    I was on the 12.30 train to Glasgow Central on 17.02.15, I fell asleep just after Preston and woke up at Glasgow, when I woke up my suitcase was not there, I asked fellow passengers who told me the staff had taken my suitcase off of the train as lost property. Staff did not wake me up to ask if it was my bag and then when I spoke to the train manager she found it funny, she laughed with Her colleague on the phone while trying to sort out the finding of my case. I then missed my wedding rehearsal as I had to wait in Glasgow for 3 hours for my case to be brought on the next train. I would like a full refund as this is not acceptable!
    2015-02-17 19:01:41

    Other - Ash Chohan

    Regular traveller on Virgin trains. Reserved seat with power socket. Power failed to work. Informed staff who was very unhelpful. No alternative seat offered. Asked to speak with manager, who failed to come to speak with me. Wasted reservation. Very disappointed with the service received. Second time that this has happened to me as a Virgin Train passenger.
    2015-02-17 11:35:53

    Delay - Chris

    We paid £126.60 to get from Birmingham Int to London Euston on 14 Feb 2015. The train going to London was delayed by approx an hour and there 19.40 train return was a complete joke and totally ruined the day. It was re scheduled to go to Wolverhampton via Stratford not calling at Birmingham at all. We were advised to get off at Rugby, get a bus to Coventry and then attempt to get a train to Birmingham. The queues to get the bus at Rugby was ridiculous and the buses were NOT waiting, it was raining and there was no promise of a train when we got to Coventry according to the steward. We had to get a taxi from Rugby to Birmingham which cost an additional £60. So our day out on Saturday cost £186.60 and the experience was absolutely horrendous. We checked the Virgin App all day checking for delays for the journey home and the App assured us that all services were running fine!!!??? We would like our money back please as this, I'm sure you would agree, it extremely bad service and not worth £186
    2015-02-16 12:55:19

    Other - Anonymous

    My husband and I purchased return tickets to Reading on the internet on 1st January 2015. Then the landslide between Banbury and Leamington Spa occurred. We followed Cross Country travel advice which we downloaded from National Rail Enquiries on 7th February before travelling on February 9th going via London Euston on a Virgin train and had no problems. We made enquiries to check that we could return on 13th by the same route and were advised by the Virgin train manager that we could do so. On 13th we caught a train at 13.14 from Reading to St Pancras, underground to Euston Square and then on foot to Euston Station. All was fine until we went to board the train to Manchester a few minutes before departure time of 14 20 and were prevented from doing so by a Virgin employee who treated us in an unhelpful manner. He said that our tickets could not be used because Cross Country were not paying Virgin what they were supposed to be doing. He said we would have to go and buy Virgin tickets or go back to Reading and start again using the tickets we already had. We were using that train because it got us back for a meeting we were due to attend that night. I don’t think we are unreasonable people and we did not want to make a big fuss because it quickly became obvious the Virgin employee had no intention of allowing us to board that train. We did find the ticket office and were told it would cost a further £160 for 2 single tickets to Manchester, even using our Senior Citizen Railcards. By then we had missed the train anyway. We headed back to Reading and the underground staff were very helpful allowing us to retrace our steps, as was Great Western ticket office at St Pancras. After that we caught a train to Banbury and then a coach [which I particularly wanted to avoid] to join up with the Manchester train. It was just after 20.35 when we reached Manchester Piccadilly and 21.35 when we got home feeling upset, tired and frustrated because a journey of about 4 hours had taken more than 9 and a half. We are in our 70’s and use Cross Country trains to visit family rather than driving and have always been satisfied with the service. We will continue to do so once the track is replaced. Unfortunately in all the upset we did not get the Virgin employees name but I am certain he would not like his elderly parents treated in such a manner.
    2015-02-14 09:46:20

    Unhelpful Staff - Nezer

    @Beamer120: @VirginTrains Sorry but customer care and professionalism disgusting at Euston tried to catch 16.10 to Bangor. Rude Attendant at Gate 1. If he was the public face of Virgin, well I will take custom elsewhere #attitude #rude
    2015-02-13 18:39:09

    Delay - Theresa

    I don't mind the fact that our train has been cancelled on the way to see family for the weekend but I do mind the unbelievably rude woman sitting at the virgin pop up desk who didn't even look at me when I asked her politely what train to get? Seriously Virgin can't you manage to teach your staff basic manners? I have an infant with me who can't speak but has more manners than that rude lady in euston! Disgusted!!
    2015-02-13 10:57:54

    Unhelpful Staff - Kathryn Lewis

    We were due to travel on the 16.55 train from Manchester Piccadilly to London Euston. We picked up our first class pre-booked tickets from the machine in the station. Once we arrived at the first class carriage (with 10minutes until our train left) we were treated by a member of Virgin staff. We gave him our tickets and it became apparent that there was only 4 out of the 5 tickets we required to travel. He queried this - we showed him our email booking and asked what we could do about the situation as we had to get that train. Instead of helping us he ignored us - preferring to speak to other passengers who didn't even seem to be attempting to get on that carriage. When asked repeatedly what we should do he did not offer any solution and after pressing him repeatedly he suggested that we take it up with the ticket office - which was the other end of the station and with 5 minutes until our train was due to leave. Once at the ticket office we were dealt with my very helpful and staff which we are more accustomed to on Virgin trains. However by this point our train had left. As frequent business first class travellers - who had booked 8 seats on that virgin train for our colleagues only that day. We were shocked by this member of staffs unhelpful approach and his inflexibility in a clearly stressful situation. We hope that this member of staff is put on some intense customer services training and hope that future journeys are an improvement Many thanks
    2015-02-11 17:28:07

    Delay - Jain Eagle

    Three ladies travelling together London Euston - Birmingham 7/2/15. Our evening train was delayed and we ended up boarding a very full First Class coach. There were Birmingham City fans returning from the Fulham game, drinking alcohol, smoking, shouting and swearing. It was very intimidating and there wasn't a Virgin train member of staff in site. They actually damaged the train as we had to climb over an object to depart the train and the one lady travelling banged her head on something hanging. Very disappointing service!
    2015-02-09 15:34:55

    Ticketing - Timothy Williams

    Ticket attendant would not accept my valid ticket - i had to purchase another ticket or be removed from the train - train attendant extremely rude and prejudice - i was not treated fairly
    2015-02-08 10:49:55

    Unhelpful Staff - Kirsty

    Bright red haired staff member working at Stoke-On-Trent train station at 12:00pm 04/02/2015. Staff member shouted at me to run for a train that was not due to leave for another 3/4 minutes using patronising language whilst encouraging an epileptic to run down an icy platform for a train clearly not ready to leave for a few minutes. Once I arrived on the train she noticed her mistake at the time, laughed and continued to talk to her friend, no apology included. Whole situation was completely necessary other than for the entertainment of Virgin staff.
    2015-02-04 16:46:16

    Delay - Alistair

    I requested assistance from Virgin via their online form, after two days of no reply i contacted via email. This was repeated several times over the next ten days. Ten days and still no response from Virgin customer services!! As I was abroad I had no option but to ring the 0800 number which I should warn you about, it costs a fortune from abroad. Anyway, I got through to Virgins customer services which I presume were based in India and informed the operator of the assistance I needed. He had no idea where I was or the location of my travel, he also struggled to understand my Northern accent, which I may add, worked both ways. If all Virgin help lines and customer services are the same terrible service as this one, there is no way I would sign up for any of Virgin services. Not that they give a sh.t anyway!
    2015-01-29 01:01:57

    Other - Paul Butters

    I have made two complaints about two seperate seriously delayed trains as I was suggested to do so by staff from before Christmas. I have not recieved a reply to either complaint.
    2015-01-24 17:05:37

    Cancellation - Anonymous

    To whom it may concern, I recently purchased a return ticket between Fratton Hampshire and Preston Lancashire to travel to Preston from Fratton on Sunday 11th January 2015 and return on Tuesday 13th January. I had researched both journeys prior to travelling there and back to ensure that I arrived in plenty of time for appointments and meetings which had been scheduled in to my Business Trip. One Meeting which was particularly important was a 7pm Meeting in Preston so I planned to arrive in Preston for around 17:30pm on Sunday. I left on Sunday 11th and caught the 11.57am Train service to London Waterloo. I arrived at London Waterloo and caught the Tube where I had been advised on the journey planner to catch my connecting train from London Euston to Preston Lancashire. When I arrived at London Euston Station it was packed with angry passengers wanting to get home who had all been informed that Trains to the North had been cancelled due to a fault on the line or something. After queuing for 30 minutes to get to the information desk I was advised that my train had been cancelled and that I would have to walk to Kings Cross to get a train to Doncaster where I would get a connecting train to Preston. I walked over to Kings Cross and caught a Train to Doncaster as advised. The train was packed solid and I had to sit on the floor by one of the Exits all the way to Doncaster! When I arrived at Doncaster I could not see any trains to Preston so I went over to Information again. I was then advised that I could not get to Preston directly as there was not one, I would have to get a Train to Leeds to get another connecting train!!! I caught a train to Leeds where I had to sit on the floor again for the entire journey. To say that I was not amused would be an understatement. At this point I knew that I had already missed my first meeting and wasted an entire day travelling on a train- on the floor! When I arrived at Leeds Station I was told to wait over 30 minutes for a Train to Blackpool where I could get off at Preston. On this train there was a fault with the air conditioning in the only carriage that I could get a seat in- so I sat on the train freezing cold. I arrived at Preston at 9pm!! I am requesting a full refund for this as I do not expect to pay £115 to sit on the floor and to travel in complete discomfort- it is totally unacceptable. On my return journey I left on the 3.59 train from Preston to London Euston, got the tube (as advised) to London Waterloo station. When I arrived at London Waterloo I was utterly shocked and completely disgusted to see that my connecting train to Fratton, Hampshire was Cancelled. Not only were the trains showing up as delayed or cancelled- none of the platforms were revealed until the very last minute so I was being pushed here there and everywhere by panicking passengers from all directions! I then saw that the next connecting train to Portsmouth had also been cancelled. I waited and saw that the only way of getting home at that point advertised on the board was to travel on a train which went to Basingstoke and Fareham before it arrived in Fratton after 10pm at night!!! I really hope that you can help me with this as I am deeply disappointed with the service I have received. Regards, Jade- 02392 328745
    2015-01-22 11:43:33

    Other - Yissochor Merlin.

    05/01/2015 To whom it may concern. Re: journey from Manchester picc. to London Eust. 1. I purchased two return tickets for myself & my wife (Mrs Miriam Merlin). Departing from Manchester Picc. Arriving at London Eust. (01/01/15- dep: 12:15pm, arr: 2:24pm). Due to cancellation of this train (which I wasn’t informed about), we had to take the next train at 12:35 pm which was due to arrive in London at 2:43pm and the train only arrived at 2:57pm. Because of this we missed an important meeting which was due to take place at 2:40pm. 2. We purchased the above tickets with a ‘TWO TOGETHER RAILCARD’ for £83.00. on the train, when asked for the railcard, we had the railcard, but couldn’t find our photo card – realising that we must have left it at home by error. We’ve never had such a problem before. We were told that we have to buy new return tickets, this costed us another £159.00 (which I had to borrow my friend’s debit card for) We had a very bad experience travelling with your trains and lost a big sum of money due to this. We are expecting to be compensated for this. Yours faithfully, Yissochor Merlin.
    2015-01-21 20:52:15

    Other - Stephanie

    buy a weekly ticket every week from Milton Keynes and get the 6.56am train and varied in the evenings, very rarely have a seat. Today was horrible standing in the middle of the isle over seated passengers the whole way to London. Its not acceptable to have to stand most of my journeys. 2-3 first class carriages practically empty.
    2015-01-21 12:17:14

    Delay - Maria McCracken

    My train from Penrith to Carlisle was held up for 15mins, there for I missed my connection to Dumfries and had to wait for 2 1/2hrs for another train. It was windy and raining and I had nowhere to go, I had travelled from Cambridge that day 15th January. The ticket office woman sent me to the Team Leaders office, I explained the situation to them and they said they could not help me, their attitude to this was very unpleasant & rude.
    2015-01-20 17:33:50

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