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Jakub Dziewiecki


My train was cancelled because of the flooding which I can accept and don't have a issue with. My complaint is that no one got in touch with me to warn me about my delays or offer alternative solutions.

There were also no staff at the station nor any signs to explain what was going on.

The purpose of my trip to London was to see my friends that I have not seen in years. Now with this delay I am likely to miss my flight if I don't get a express train to be airport.

This again is an additional cost I would not need to pay if I was warned about this earlier and could have left at a earlier time that would get me in to London at a reasonable hour.

The communication is appalling and if I knew the trip I would be facing I would rather have gotten a refund and flown to London as this would have worked out cheaper.



Travelling on 1st class from Birmingham new street to London Euston Friday 5-2-16.... 11.30am they have no hot drinks to provide to anyone on the train let alone 1st class , yet again virgin do not plan ahead and allow for hot drinks not being supplied & rude and discourteous to disabled passengers when they point this out to the staff and train manager no where to be seen what a surprise ! 0/10

Keith Millican


How inconsiderate of Virgin trains to cancel trains on Sunday 24th April the day of the London Marathon. Thousands of runners and their family and friends will be travelling on the West Coast line and the last train is at 16:28, apart from the sleeper train. Virgin is the main sponsor of the Marathon so I can't understand why this would happen, its crazy!!



Travelled First Class Grantham to London 13.18

Tea - nowhere to put used bag

Sandwiches - no serviettes

Dirty toilet

Travelled First Class London to Grantham 18.33

Food service delayed

Beef Curry disgusting, rice stuck together, beef all fat and was inedible

No serviettes

No cheese biscuits with cheese

Train late into Grantham

I'd give the experience for first class overall 3/10

janet Pennington


Still waiting for a reply for my Delayed journey on the 31st December an return journey on the 4th Dec passage I'd DCD 6551 travelling to Glasgow from Warrington I've still not had a refund an I sent a photo of my tickets as there on the phone hope for your rapid response many thanks janet Pennington



I signed up to receive SMS alerts for train delays on the WCML between Milton Keynes and Euston. I received an SMS from VT-Alerts to text 'Alert Me' to a number to activate the service. For some reason my text won't transmit and sticks in the Outbox. I have tried several times to no avail. I have had no problems sending and receiving to others since.

No matter which Virgin website I use to contact someone for help, there is no telephone line with a choice of button to select or chat line that can help.

Since signing up for this service there has been a landslip on the line near Leighton Buzzard with consequent delays to all services to Euston. This is the moment I need the service, but Virgin appear to be terrified of actually having to talk to one of their customers!

Chris fisher


On the 27th of January at approximately 13:20, I visited Wolverhampton railway station with intent to travel to Crew. As I am partially sighted I chose the ticket office over the machines. I was greeted by a male of about 45. I asked for a return ticket and informed him that I have paid for a renewal of a disability rail card and I then presented proof of order on my phone. Then I produced a document from which confirms that a disabled person need not produce a railcard because the disability entitles them to the discount fare and that partially sighted people are required to present proof of disability (which I had). The man became quite rude and I was becoming very distressed by his attitude. I then asked to see his supervisor who was a lady wearing large glasses. Her attitude was even worse and to add insult to injury, she kept referring to the small print on a form (remember I am partially sighted). I felt so degraded and embarrassed so I just walked away and went to a machine where a very helpful virgin employee helped me to buy a ticket. I then went to the cafe for a drink.

When I boarded the train I sat alone for a moment before I was approached by lady with a pony tail who worked in the train shop. She said "you can't sit there, those seats are reserved for disabled assist". Once again I felt degraded and embarrassed because there were other people who heard this. She then went on to inform me that the train manager "will move me".

The train manager appeared, informing me that he had been told to check me because I had not purchased a ticket. Once again I am feeling degraded and embarrassed (rather like a criminal). After I explained the whole story he was extremely helpful. I honestly feel if it was not for him, I would have had another heart attack as I am still in recovery and on medication.

I feel that I have been treated in a purely discussing and degrading way just because I don't look disabled.

I have been repeatedly insulted and made to feel like a third class citizen.

Yours faithfully

Chris Fisher

9 Oak Street


West Midlands


Sent from my iPhone

Peter Swan

Unhelpful Staff

I had booked a ticket online through clarity travel management from sanderstead to Manchester which was not able to be printed at the station as the booking reference was not correct. I was advised to present my booking confirmation and was able to get to Euston but on arrival at Euston virgin trains would not let me board. I was served by OJ at the gate to platform 1 on 27/01/2016 at 09:10 who was very rude and despite me explaining the situation he told me it's not his problem and I should go back to the ticket office. I explained that this would mean I missed my train and that this felt unfair as it was not my fault the ticket hadn't printed and that i had bought a ticket. At this point OJ starting shouting and becoming defensive and aggressive asking if I was saying it was his fault, very rude and unhelpful. I later went to the ticket office at Euston who advised the fault was with clarity travel management. I had to the pay £82.40 for a return ticket to Manchester. Not happy about paying twice but even less happy about the attitude from OJ. The staff at the ticket office at least had manners and were helpful.



I have written an e mail to virgin train on the 14th January 2016 requesting a refund for my voucher which I received when my train broke down between Manchester and London, resulting in several hours in 2015. After repeatedly e mailing them I have not received any response from them at all. I find this behaviour by virgin trains deplorable. The e mail I sent is attached below:

I have the above mentioned voucher which I received last year due to my train being involved an accident resulting a delay of several hours. The expiry date of the voucher is 10th February. I do not anticipate traveling by this date and would like to cash this. If it is more convenient you can renew my annual senior citizen rail card.

I booked the original ticket via the Internet. Thanking you in anticipation.

lee steel


I had three seats booked from leeds 10.15 to kings cross train on the 15/01/2016 with allocated seating E 7,9,10 booked seats

as the trains was running late we were advised that there was no allocated seating so we had to sit in diffrent part of the coach as this was my birthday and wanted us all to travel togeather I found this very dissapointing way to start my weekend my booking ref was xxxxxx LEE STEEL i was advised on the train i could claim compensation for this can you please advise I await your response lee steel

Chris Parsons


Booking referance 2075506

To Whom this may concern.

I am righting in Reference to the above booking.

On the 15th January as requested we arrived at Piccadilly Station to Board the train to London.

As we arrived to take our reserved seats we were approached by a very help full ticket inspector.

On inspecting our tickets he said that the tickets did not have the reserved numbers on them so

we would have to move to another carriage, i produced the accompanying letter which clearly states that

we had reserved seat for both journeys. We were told that there was nothing he could do but to ask

us to move down the train to F Carriage.Unfortunately F Carriage was pretty full so we ended up sitting

separately.As you can imagine this was a terrible start to a break in London that we have waited so long

for.Unfortunately the trip home was even worse. We travel home on the 12-17 pm from Euston to Manchester

and the train was full of football fans. Once again we spoke to ticket Collector who though tried to help could

not give us any seats where we could sit together.

We had planned this break to London for many month and were so Disappointed.

We still have the Letter and the tickets and feel that under the circumstance's we should be reimburse for this

inconvenience, which really did spoil our London break.

I await your reply to this complaint.

C Parsons

Lorna Peelo-Kilroe


I wanted to forward a compliment directly to Richard Branson and his HR team. I received exceptional consideration and care from one of your employees in Waverly Station in Edinburgh on Tuesday 19th January. I had a very important exam on Tuesday morning at 10am and although up early that morning I got unavoidably delayed and was not allowed to board the train I needed to catch to Musselburgh because I hadn't a ticket. Prior to this I had been able to buy a ticket on board the train. Because of this I missed my train and was late for a very important exam which i had flown over from Ireland to take.

I was quite distresses watching the train depart and one of your employees Danny could see this and not alone did he take the time to check alternative transport options for me to try to get to my destination on time, he brought me to the left luggage depth to drop off my bag and insisted on bringing me into the little cafe bedide it and bought me a coffee. I decided to take the later train which left an hour after, got my tickets and was calm enough to work out a plan of what to do.

Danny said that he could see that I was very upset and as he was on customer service that morning he was happy to help in any way he could.

I understand that a policy is a policy but when I got on the later train they were selling tickets so I felt it was a bit harsh not to let me buy my ticket on board. However Danny made up for the distress and I would like to acknowledge his kindness and professionalism. I hope he is acknowledged by you for excellent customer service.

I am sure like many other service industries you get your fair share of complaints but you should also have a section for compliments.

Thank you one again Danny.

From Lorna Peelo-Kilroe

David McCamley


As an aside, how curios you have to goole seperately how to make a complaint. there are NO direct contacat details on the website. Typical of todays companies, you don't want to hear so you make it as hard as possible to actually complain.

My complaint, you gave me a voucher for a delayed train. Can you please explain how I'm supposed to use it when, after stating several times that I wanted to book a train and pay using your voucher, the verfy difficult to understand Indian Lady still charged me the full price on my card?

So, I've 2 vouchers and if I call the number on the letter, you wont accept them as payment. Why bother? Waste of time and yet another indication of how Mr Bransons good publicity is just thta, publicity, not action?

A Patel


I emailed Virgin trains on 21st December to contact me as not received my ticket few days before I was about to travel. Me and my six year old son lost out on a trip to London during christmas because of it.

I received confirmation of my email and a case reference number: VT-211215-1650. I am still awaiting a reply.................


Kevin McAlister

Dirty Toilet

i travelled to London today from Liverpool, a very long day, i payed for first class ticket, the toilet was disgusting, it was awful, a small that travelled the area were i was seated. i was disappointed as i had paid so much for my ticket.thank you, i wait to hear your response.

Mr Patrick devlin


I sent a e-mail on Monday regarding Virgin trains to contact me regarding g our first class travel from Carlisle to Birmingham ( return) and no one has got back yet if some one could ring me I would be greatful. Many thanks 01946 65483

John Brown


Refunding tickets travelling to Edinburgh.

After the clear news on your website about delays to Edinburgh I contacted virgin who explained the problem and informed us that there were delays. They also explained a refund was available. After disctelephoning the party we were travelling with we decided to go to London and have booked tickets with virgin for 15/1.

I have telephoned the dept three times and have still not been refunded. My friends have. I have been on the phone 30 mins each time, hung up once because I waited that long and on the 2 other occasions explained the situation was put on hold for them to find out the policy to be told they could not find out the necessary information because the other department were busy.

I find it surprising that different customers can be treated differently from the same major company, I mean my friends have had a refund and I'm having this issue, to their amusement. Secondly, how with such a disruption that operators do not know the company's policies and are ringing for advice. Thirdly, the operators I have spoken to do not answer the question you ask them, which I find infuriating as a customer.

I have been disappointed with the service of a reputable company but more annoyed with time wasted and lack of progress made eachg time I have made a telephone call.

I would like the refund sorted as soon as possible and hopefully a gesture for the time I have wasted. (Perhaps upgrade my wife and I to 1st class on our trip to London on the 15th Jan). I am currently telephoning 03331031031 to try and remedy the situation, I have been on now for 20 minutes without speaking to someone.

I know you maybe busy due to the disruption but I would have thought that all departments would be up to date with your policies or that one department would not be giving out conflicting messages during a period when many passengers are going to be disrupted.

lisa marchioli


on the third of January I bordered a virgin train to kings cross station form Newcastle upon Tyne at 15:31 I was traveling down to university. I had previously booked my ticket in advance on the 22nd of November for a return and this was my returning journey. I had booked a seat also im a student and was traveling on my own and find it quite stressful as I had a large case and my backpack. as the train arrived I was appalled as I had to squeeze my way onto it forcefully. there was an extreme amount of people standing in the door compartment and I could not move. I looked around and all the luggage area was filled with people standing or large cases I tired to move towards my seat but the whole isles was filled with people and I could not get through. when I asked other passengers I mainly got the answer that they were just standing tickets or had got them at the station so they had not booked in advance like me. I was very annoyed at the discomfort of having to stand in a cramped space for hours until my destination as only a few people got off and many many more got on. on top of that the amount of people struggling to get on and off delayed the train and I missed my connecting train and had to wait for another one to come. I felt as I paid £90 for my ticket my journey should not have been as cramped uncomfortable and inconvenient I feel this has been a waste of money. I would like some refund as I didn't use my seat or have any comfort im paying for. thank you for the very uncomfortable 3-4 hour journey

Anne T


I received an email direct from Virgin East Coast Trains offering 30% off travel between Newcastle, Durham, York and Edinburgh on Monds to Thursdays between 4 Jan and 3 March excluding 12-21 Feb. I booked tickets using their unique link and code between Newcastle and York on 24 Feb (Weds). Cost £11. Then out of interest checked ticket prices without the code and it was exactly the same cost. NO 30% DISCOUNT!!! I only booked a day trip to York because of the 30% off promotion. Now I feel cheated by Virgin East Coast Trains.

Chris Hay

Broken Toilet

I have complained before and I would like to register yet another complaint, on my journey from Preston to Glasgow on 2nd January, the toilets where broken, the train was delayed at a station for 1 hour and 5 minutes. I am very upset and annoyed, as I have mentioned, I have complained before about the level of service I received. I will be making the journey again in a few months as my partner lives down south and I feel that if I am let down for a third time then I will have no choice but to take to social media and warn the public about the terrible service they should expect to receive on Virgin trains