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Leeann cross


I had delays on both travel journeys the first one was more than 45 mins and second was more than 1 hour myself and my husband travelled I only received payment cheque for 1 person. I cannot get to speak with anyone it's ridiculous I will fly from now on this service has got worse! I am making a formal complaint!

Chris Graham


I tried to board the 07:07 from Euston to Liverpool Lime Street today 7th Jan 2016 and found the guards and driver extremely inconsiderate to the situation I was experiencing and refused to allow me on the train though I showed evidence that I had prebooked a ticket using the Trainline app. The App wasn't allowing me to print the ticket due to a software error however i asked to allow me to board so I can resolve on the train by calling the helpline even showing evidence of a resolution I had for the same issue the day before for my daughters ticket which was purchased at the same time. Unfortunately no one was willing to use discretion and I ended up missing the train and having to purchase new tickets costing £167.80

Surely some discretion could have been used as quite obviously from all the evidence I showed I had purchased tickets for my journey and the glitch could have been rectified on the train.



My wife and I have been regular travellers on virgin trains. Unfortunately on the 11.30 train from Euston to Glasgow on Thursday 29 dec. 2016,we were disgusted with the lack of service in 1st class. There were no table settings. After an hour we were offered tea or coffee in plastic cups. Later cold bacon roll or turkey sandwich then what I would call a carry out bag!!! Only after Carlisle was there a poor apology. There was no clearing of tables and no trolley service making it a thoroughly unpleasant journey



Travelling to Glasgow on this day 28 December 2016. Have just left Preston and been told that due to change of crew there is no card machine service available from the onboard shop?????

Gill whiteman


I sent an online complaint some months ago, regarding us travelling on a train from Doncaster to Newcastle on 12 August this year which had no working air conditioning, meaning the carriage we were in was around 30 degrees. There was no other seating available in other carriages.

I have still not received a response and am extremely disappointed in virgin trains.

Peter Slinn


Booking reference


We are travelling to London first class as a family of 4 to celebrate my sons 18th birthday. We Pre booked seats with a table in coach H, only to be disappointed someone was in our seats and we were moved to two separate seats in a different coach. This has spoilt the birthday treat for our son.

Thank you for taking time to read my complaint.

One disappointed family


Unhelpful Staff

MY SON IS ON ONE OF YOUR TRAINS AS I TYPE BIRMINGHAM TO EDINGBOUGH , HE HAS A RESERVED SEAT BUT WAS TOLD HIS BAG WHICH CANNOT be locked had to be put in a differant conpartment which i feel is wrong you should never leave your bag unattended , my son has autism and upon asking for help he got told to sit down and dont make a scene which was not how I WOULD CALL HELPFUL.

HE HAS GOT 4 HRS TO KEEP GETTING UP AND GOING into the differant compartment to check his bag is still there. if that bag goes missing i will sue your company for not only the bag and contents but for the stress this has put on not only my son but his mum and dad.

i have tryed all numbers to get help on this matter to which none has been forth coming ,i even called the TRANSPORT POLICE to which i got told thats why thay GET so many calls about theft from YOUR trains.

i await your reply with baited breath>.


Siraz Natha


Dear Staff,

As a Registered Disabled Person I booked a table seat but when I boarded the train there was no table seat reserved!!!!

Booking Confirmation X5CT23RR - travelled on the 15/12/2016.

I want an apology and compensation for the inconvenience caused as it was a very long journey.

I am hoping to hear from you soon.

Kind Regards.

Stuart Andrews


Dear sir/madam

I recent visit on virgin west line from Chester to London Euston on the 3/12/16 was delayed. Our outgoing time was 11.35 am direct to London . We was informed that this train was not going to run due to mechanical problems. We was informed that the delay was going to be an hour and this would now impact and cause in convenient so at the other end too. The tickets purchased was singles x two £16.50 per person. Ticket numbers were

1806241232 number 20826

1806241232 number 20824.

These tickets are advanced booked seat as we always like direct journeys

I hope we can get full support for inconvenient caused and delays to the knock on effect this had with our on going journey.

Thank you

Mr&Mrs SAndrrws

Nia Coleman


10 Highdale Gardens

Lostock Hall



7 December 2017

Dear Sir/Madam

On Saturday 3 December we were going to Stafford on the 10.17 am train to Crewe. We purchased our tickets at a cost of £52.30 and were not informed at this point that the train had been delayed or cancelled even though this information was known to the ticket seller at the time. If I had been told this I could have made a decision whether to travel or not! When we arrived on the platform there was no staff in sight and there was a queue at the information desk a mile long! We waited 2 hours in Preston with little or no information and eventually got a train to Crewe with a diversion through Manchester which added an extra hour and a half onto our journey!

At Crewe we waited at the designated platform and was then told to change platforms four times within 5 minutes. This involved running over the bridge and busy platforms and through queues of people. This was the final straw for me and I did have a cry as I am partially sighted and my fiancée is blind and we had our luggage and a guide dog with us. We did not book journey care as we have done this journey many times before without incident. I was absolutely traumatised by the whole experience and my fiancée was literally dragged from pillar to post with his guide dog and I was trying to see the platform number through my monocular as you kept changing them constantly. This would have been a nightmare for anyone but especially the disabled or elderly! The whole incident from start to finish was a total disaster and poorly handled by Virgin staff.

We eventually arrived in Stafford at 2.30 pm and I can honestly say it was one of the worst experiences we have ever had on any train journey. The staff were unhelpful, short staffed and as lost as we were and when we did manage to speak to someone they had no idea what was happening. It was obvious to staff that we were both visually impaired but no help was forthcoming and as for the constant platform changes in Crewe, it was a complete shambles and had people running everywhere and was really dangerous as we could have been knocked over and hurt.

On the return journey we got on the 14.09 from Crewe to Preston. On this Virgin train there was only one disabled seating area but it had no folding seats therefore we had to stand all the way as our guide dog cannot lie in-between the usual row of seats as the area is too small. We asked the train manager and he apologised and advised there was no other disabled seating area.

This is the 21st century and we are treated like cattle, we pay our fares and do not get the service for our money. We are both disabled and should not have been treated in this way. It is frightening when you have to make a journey and are unaware what is going on around you and cannot see where you are going or platform numbers and the announcements are unclear and the station so noisy that you cannot hear that clearly either!

I would like a refund and an apology for the way we were treated and would like to know why we were not told about these delays when we bought our tickets as they were aware of the situation at this time.

We have both been left quite traumatised by this experience and spoilt the whole weekend.

Yours sincerely

Nia Coleman

Rickesh Advani


Hi I'd like to complain regarding the affairs of my recent commutes to see my children. My name is Rickesh Advani, I'm 27-year-old male who suffers with multiple issues including autism, high functioning Asperger's syndrome, ADHD and more (disabled railcard number – 08znj1804118216). I am currently in receipt of benefits and, having been separated with my children, visit them fortnightly. These visits take place for either day visits every fortnightly Saturday in Birmingham, whereby I commute from Euston to Birmingham, else overnight visits whereby I commute from Euston to Chirk in Wales. This is unfortunately the second occasion I have experience in issue like this. The first would be 6, 8 or 10 weeks ago after a Saturday to visit in Birmingham returning from Birmingham new Street to Euston around 7:30 or 8 PM. so the 22nd oct the 8th of oct or the 24th of sept. Furthermore, this happened again from the 11:10 train from Birmingham going to Chirk in Wales this Saturday the 3rd Dec. I was dumbfounded that going into the countryside midday I was unable to attain a seat. This can cause me great anxiety and panic attacks and as soon as I arrive at a station my anxiety level decreases, but I don't feel inclined to get off, and must make the journey to see my children and trains are not frequent enough to get off. This anxiety is only present and heavily exacerbated by the conditions of my commute. Ergo, overcrowding and the and the lack of ability to sit down and calmly managed to ride. Because of my young age and my nonobvious conditions, it is very very unlikely for any passengers to offer me a seat.  And in my condition I don't feel comfortable being able to coherently explain my predicament to asked someone, or a staff member, to sit in the first class area, as the last thing I want to do is walk up and down the busy carriages panicking, I would just simply want to sit still and undertake the ride. I'm not sure what can be done, but I please request something to be done potentially a letter requesting permission for me to sit in an available space that I can present to the train conductor upon entry to the train. 

also ye i remember now seeing the list of why im complaining too actually that one time there was no heating in one of the carrages as they said on the announcement and there were no working toilets on the train from birmingham to euston on a sat evening, and the two that worked were vile

Sarah cortese


Dear Sir/madam,

I am writing to complain about a family annual trip to Edinburgh which unfortunately was ruined by our cancelled train.

Myself, husband and 16month old baby had been planning a Xmas shopping trip to Edinburgh for months. When arriving at Newcastle train station we were welcomed to news our train had been cancelled.

The next available train was absolute hell, we had no seats booked and there was no space to store our pushchair meaning we had to stand all the way to Edinburgh in the cold hall with a screaming baby, let's just say it was torture and a very upsetting and stressful to say the least start to our night away.

We really feel we should be compensated in some way or this awful journey we encountered.

Kind regards

Sarah cortese

Regarding Newcastle 1052 to Edinburgh cancelled train on the 29th November 2016



I get the train back and forth from Lincoln to Leeds every weekend for work, and this is literally the third time in a row that when connecting via Newark Northgate to go on to Lincoln on the 20:45 from London, this train has been over half an hour late.

It's an absolute pisstake. I don't even use this route that often (four or five times in the past couple of months) and yet somehow whenever I do the bloody train is late.

And don't even get me started on the delays and cancellations on trains going to Leeds from London via Doncaster. Branson can shove his trains up his gilded arse - this was far, far better when publicly owned, never had these issues.

Gillian Kaleda


My partner lives in Manchester and I visit him every fortnight and therefore spend on average £160 per month on rail fair.

My partner came down to London on 27/11/2016 to take part in the Greenwich Movember 10k run and we had tickets for the 18:37 on Platform 2 to Manchester Piccadilly. We boarded the train in good time, found our allocated seats and settled down for the journey. Literally minutes before the train departed it was then announced we had to leave the train and board the train at Platform 9. After gathering our belongings and getting to platform 9 as quickly as we could (bearing in mind my partner was pretty exhausted from his earlier run - he's fit but also approaching 60!) We boarded the train only to find that not only could we not sit together for the journey but had to sit in separate carriages as the train departing was now only 9 carriages instead of the original 11. Whilst I have never had reason to complain before and find the service generally very good, I do feel that this particular incident was pretty chaotic! Sorry I have had to register this as a complaint but felt I had no option.

Gillian Kaleda

Laura McKechnie


I would like to complain about the change in the ability to amend tickets with the e-ticket collection method. I make at least 2-3 journeys with Virgin Trains every week, first class, spending up to £1000 per month. I purchased a return ticket for 30th Nov travelling back 1st Dec with the ref no 2263880694 to a meeting in Central London. The time of the meeting end was subsequently changed to an earlier finish so I went on line to amend my ticket, prepared to pay the £10 administration fee.

I was unable to make the change so I emailed your customer service team and received the below response stating I was able to change the ticket. I was still unable to make the change so I contacted your support centre only to be told I cannot make the change because I had an e-ticket. I asked to speak to the supervising manager, who also repeated the same information.

I am extremely frustrated with this because I always select the fast ticket option when I purchase a train ticket, however on this occasion, it defaulted me to an e-ticket option. I had no reason to believe there would be any different terms and conditions to this ticket so I accepted it, as I was happy to try a new option. I had absolutely no idea this meant I would not be able to use the ticket in exactly the same way as a fast ticket.

I accept that if I had bought a fare which could not be changed, that I must accept that, but to be told the only reason I cannot change it is because of the delivery method, not the ticket type is ridiculous and I would never have accepted this method had I been aware. I know you will have it in your T & Cs that this is the case, however it was your system which defaulted me to this ticket type, and I would have expected it to be much clearer if this was the case.

I also would love to understand why you cannot make the amend as I haven’t activated the ticket, so surely it cannot be impossible for you to cancel this ticket and resell it.

I want to change my ticket to a much more expensive one (I paid £95 and wish to change to the £147 ticket on the 17.07) which with the additional £10 amendment charge, would be a supplementary £62 to Virgin Trains. If I cannot amend my ticket, I will waste 2 hours in the first class lounge, eating snacks I don’t want and drinking drinks I don’t need (all at Virgin Trains additional expense) whilst I could have been at home with my family 2 hours earlier and Virgin trains would be £62 better off.

Can I ask someone to review this decision and make the amendment to my ticket to the 19.07 first class service on 1st December.

Ian Featherstone


Delayed train chatham to st.pancras 12.24 29/11/16 over50 minutes late just made it to kingss cross with approx 30 seconds to spare .Train to doncaster full 20 deep in corridors hat to stand for 2 hours which were unconfortable as i have arthitus in my hip and lower spine .on arrival to doncaster connection left .i were told by station staff scarborough train stops at hull take that one .That train were running late due to signal faults Not happy as i decided to take the train instead of driving because i were to upset to drive as my mum were on end of life care and every minute i spent with her were important to me.As my mother passed away quite quickly.So the least yo could do for me is imburse whole or part of my fare which in total came to £122.00 Thankyou.

Andrew Smith


I boarded my train in Peterborough, seat 1 , coach M printed on the ticket. The seat did not exist!! Seems like there had been a refit and M1 was not included when the seats were renumbered. It would have been nice if VTEC has trawlled their bookings and sent out new seat reservations to those affected instead of letting the customers sort out the problem for themselves.

I have been in touch with VTEC who say that he 28 day response time for complaints is based on the date that they receive your ticket by email, not based on the date you make your original complaint so they put you to the bottom of the queue again. Why they need a copy of my ticket when i supplied booking reference with original complaint and they are he ones who issue the tickets? Sounds like a stalling tactic.



I'm 6ft 7 and again I find myself cramped on the floor. If I sit down I get leg cramp, if I stand up I get neck cramp. What's the point in complaining. It seems to be a recurring thing, and this is already my 2nd time in 2 journeys! I honestly don't think reservations should be aloud!

Elizabeth Cuddy


Hi there,

This afternoon I took the 3pm train from Euston to Manchester Piccadilly. The ticket checking was utterly chaotic at Euston, and then the train was beyond full. There appeared to be free seats in First Class, but it wasn't clear whether there was an option to upgrade, or declassify this section. Instead, I spent an incredibly uncomfortable 2h wedged in a vestibule between the door and the armpit of a stranger as he browsed Tinder. Not the best experience. In addition, my luggage was 3 carriages away (it was literally the only space for a midsize bag).

Must say that I'm slightly dreading the return leg on Monday...




Fuming!!! Dropped teenagers for concert in Birmingham last night, then involved in an RTA, teenagers father advised children to leave the concert queue and head to New Street station, to get a train home as no available lift back! Son aged 19 went to buy tickets for him and daughter 14 refused child ticket even having shown photo ID!! This left them no option but to pay full price!! So angry!!!