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    Other - Anonymous

    My husband and I travelled in first class coach H on the 1600 VIrgin service on Sunday 28th September from Euston to Coventry. Firstly the train was dirty - a member of staff was trying to clear tHe worst of the rubbish as we boarded but the tables and floor were filthy. Secondly we were given a snack box that we hoped to eat with the promised drink. However the drinks trolley only arrived in our carriage as we were pulling in to Coventry - more than an hour into our journey. Lastly, we book first class to be able to work. This proved impossible since the Internet connection was to weak to enable us to access even our email.
    2014-09-29 18:04:37

    Delay - Penny wright

    We booked first class return tickets to london as a treat on sat 27 September On the way out there was no water on the train therefore no hot drinks and on our return journey there were no seats and we had to sit in normal seats , really disappointed !
    2014-09-29 12:40:42

    Delay - Anonymous

    Ken at Warrington bank quay is one of the most rudest customer care people I have ever met . I only went in with a query and he was well out of order and horrible when only tried to resolve something .
    2014-09-26 05:51:53

    Delay - Samantha McDowell

    Hello, I recently got the train from Glasgow to London on Friday the 12th of September. At first we were approx 40 minutes delayed on even leaving Glasgow Central and then to add onto this there had to be a diversion passed South Hampton due to being stuck behind a slow moving train. I think this is ridiculous, as a company you should be prepared and have the route set for only yourselfs to avoid being stuck behind another train! This then cause me to be ridiculously late in arriving to London, completely messed up my plans and in affect also had the people meeting me in london, plans disrupted too. I like travelling with yourselfs as you provide comfortable travel but this experience has clouded my judgement of Virgin trains. I was quoted '9559' for compensation on the delay. I regularly travel to London and would not like to have this disruption happening in the future while travelling. I appreciate that sometimes problems may occur on the train line but it would be very much appreciated if some sort of compensation was to be granted for the unhappiness this experience took upon myself and others.
    2014-09-25 20:16:34

    Cancellation - Kim Lee

    My train from Doncaster to Birmingham New Street at 9:02pm on Monday 15th Sep was cancelled. We asked one of your staff on the platform whether there were any other trains and was told that we had to travel to Sheffield and see if there were any connections from there to Birmingham. I was travelling with my 4 year old son at the time and had luggage wit me so it was incredibaly inconvenient. Due to the cancellation, we had to stay over in Doncaster for the night whcih disrupted my plans for the next day. We managed to get a lift from a friend the next day to Birmingham but had to reinburse her for her petrol. I would be grateful if you could provide me with a refund for the ticket and the loss suffered.
    2014-09-24 05:21:44

    Unhelpful Staff - Nicholas

    Second time I've travelled First and found no papers and next to no food available. Won't bother anymore.
    2014-09-22 09:35:29

    Unhelpful Staff - Nicholas

    Second time I've travelled First and found no papers and next to no food available. Won't bother anymore.
    2014-09-22 09:35:29

    Other - Georgina

    WHY are so many seats marked "Reserved" and no-one actually claims them??? There are some seats that state "Available until -----" (a stop further up the line) but for the umpteenth time I have battled through at least 3 carriages and passed many empty seats because they are marked "Reserved". I am not the only one!! Why does this keep happening. These seats REMAIN EMPTY! (train in question is the 16:15 Edinburgh train from Birmingham New St).
    2014-09-16 15:21:04

    Other - Kerry

    My children and I were sat under broken air con that was absolutely freezing. The shop was not open for the first hour and 20 minutes of our journey, I am pregnant and suffering sickness and needed water, my children were also very hungry.
    2014-09-14 19:50:22

    Unhelpful Staff - kareema

    Currently sitting at stoke on trent station after my son and partner were stuck on the train I asked before the train had left if they were still on there the woman was reluctant to help my sons is epileptic and now travelling without his emergency meds we've also missed most of our day planned at Alton towers which cost 75pound for 2day thanks to incompetence and impatience so not only has he been left at risk he is also missing his birthday present id say pretty terrible for 120pound tickets not happy at all!!!!!!!!
    2014-09-11 13:00:11

    Ticketing - Laura Seedhouse

    Dear Virgin Trains, I have booked a 2 week trip to Canada for my Fiancé’s 50th, I’ve arranged several hotels, several excursions, several flights and the only thing that’s caused any upset, annoyance, stress or anger is booking the trains to London through Virgin to get to the airport!!! I was attempting to book First Class tickets from Leeds to Kings Cross on Sunday 14th September at 13.05. However every time I got to the payment page it declared that my card had been declined. I then phoned my bank – twice just to make sure there was no problem with my card. They checked, double-checked and they guaranteed that there weren’t any issues with my card. I then spoke to your customer services department, who found it very difficult to understand me; similarly I found it very difficult to understand them. Clearly a language barrier does not help in these circumstances. Anyway, they said that it was a website fault, not a card decline that was preventing the purchase, but they could still not assist me in purchasing the tickets sat in my shopping basket. They said this had to be done online. I could not purchase the tickets in my basket, or remove them, but I could not purchase any other tickets while they were sat in there. I watched the prices of the first class tickets go up and out of my budget for both my preferred time and then for my alternative time an hour later. The first woman I spoke to said she’d look at my account and call me back in 2 minutes. 10 minutes went by with no call. I called back and spoke to a man who said there was no note on my account to call me back. He then continued in a similar patronising manner to read out the same information that was in front of me on the screen. I can’t say this was useful! Through concern of all ticket costs going up, I was forced to create an alternative account under a separate email address and purchase standard tickets for my alternative time of 14.05 – losing time in London and going via standard class – something I wouldn’t normally mind, but I didn’t want to do this for such a special occasion. Having looked at the ticket prices and availability today, the first class options are annoyingly, once again available. So I called your customer services again and asked to upgrade, they said I could but only for an administrative fee of £10 per ticket. I explained all that had happened above and that the problem had arose from a website error that was the fault of Virgin, not me, but she said (without empathy or politeness) that it was not possible to wave the fee. I thought that there was a possibility of a Supervisor understanding the situation a little more, so I asked to speak to them. I was on hold for 20 minutes without speaking to anyone before I gave up. I’ve got to say that this isn’t the service I’d expected from Virgin. I’m really disappointed and I’d really appreciate it if you could help me upgrade the tickets and restore my faith in Virgin! Yours sincerely, Laura Seedhouse
    2014-09-08 11:16:37

    Unhelpful Staff - linda nixon

    On 26th August I travelled with my daughter and granddaughter to LLandudno from Crewe. We were to change at Llandudno junction. At every station arrival was announced on board, but NOT when we approached LLandudno Junction, so we quickly grabbed bags and made our way to the end of the carriage and door, only to see a notice on door that this was not in use , a member of staff confirmed this .. she was just standing by, and before we had chance to move off, to another door, the train, having stopped without announcement... moved off !! He was stopped for seconds ! Us, a family of 4 or more , and another lady with two children all found ourselves on the way to Bangor ! the other family had not gone to a shut door but just didn't have the time to disembark. After we got off the train at Bangor I spoke to the driver who had a face like thunder and was very rude. We then had to wait for another train, and our journey turned into a very stressful event. Having not travelled on a train for years, this does not make me want to, I've never heard of a door that is not in use, why use that carriage then ?? What if there was an emergency ? Ridiculous. The member of staff Im sue could have pressed a button for us and told the driver to hang on, very unhelful indeed.
    2014-08-28 15:21:38

    Ticketing - Mohamed Javeed

    Extremely disappointing at Virgin's online booking service. I received a £10 discount code on my email address. So I decided to make a trip to through Virgin. However, when I made online booking I didn't get any option to enter the promotional code. So I called up Customer Service to help me redeem the voucher as this was the only reason that prompted me to book this expensive ticket. However I found that I could not redeem it once payment as already been done online. Fair enough! But at least I should have been given the option to enter the code. After further checking it turned out that the text box for Promotional Code doesn't appear on my Mozilla Firefox browser which is what I was using. (attached) So I lost my £10 due to your technical incompetency and incompatibly of Virgin website with Firefox browser. Utterly disappointing.
    2014-08-21 19:14:35

    Ticketing - michael brierton

    My12 yr old son and i are travelling to london on the 26th of sept and i specificaly asked for awindow seat with a table and power point , no problem onthe way down, but onthe way home they have got my son sitting behind or in front of me so that we are not together on the way home ? apparently they cannot change that booking through no fault of my own . surley their mistake.
    2014-08-21 09:50:09

    Ticketing - Elisha

    very unhelpful staff. After asking directly for not virgin only, fully knowing I would miss the last virgin train home. The lady then printed us Virgin only tickets. Me not realising till on my way home when I was asked to pay for a full price ticket £19.80. after the £22 I had already paid to Virgin. I've spoken to customer services and they're response was 'I cant help you' if anybody can help me or give me some advice much appreciated.
    2014-08-11 14:54:18

    Other - Martine Howard

    I am writing this email in concern about a recent purchase of first class rail tickets to London from rugely Trent valley I thought that booking on Virgin for first class we would have full benefits of first class travel, so when. We found out it was on London midland and there was not even a buffet car and the seats where the same as the others only in a first class I'm not happy about this and would think again about booking first class travel with you in future.
    2014-08-08 19:10:34

    Unhelpful Staff - Reena Odedra

    As usual I took my 6.43 train from euston to Milton Keynes Central, however today the ticket lady stopped me from going through and told me I have to get on another train because this one is too full, and I have a rail card, I then asked her why and that I always take this train she said you can't be because they check I said you can't tell me I'm lying as I've taken this exact train before and never had a problem with it. She then told me that I was being abusive, when I had not even raised my voice, nor had I used any abusive language. She raised her voice and told me I need to leave now and get the 7.10 train, I told them again and again that I have taken this train before but none of them had time to make me understand why. I am shocked at this sort of behaviour from virgin trains as I take the train to euston always and spend a large amount of money on their tickets. I have never come across someone as rude and patronising as this lady who I spoke to today. Please can I have a response as to why this happened and why have I not been told this before?
    2014-08-06 17:54:28

    Delay - Joanna lock

    I wish to make a complaint. I brought tickets in advance and was all set to go. That is until I got to Wolverhampton station. Due to London midlands trains cancelling the train I was supposed to be on, I was already stressed enough missing my first connecting train. However, just when I thought the day wasn't going to get any does. The lovely ticket man on the train told me when the next train to euston was due and what do I find when I get there....this train was delayed too....just great! So I wait....and it gets worse...this train is also cancelled according to your screen! Cue even more stress. When a train finally turns up and we are told to get off at Birmingham....I find it actually was the 'cancelled' train to euston. So now what do I do....get off at Birmingham as ordered or stay on the train....who knows, it's not like anyone was actually telling me anything. So.....already an hour behind schedule and with people meeting me waiting for me in Romford where I should of been close to being by now I get off at be told to get back on. seriously!!!! Does many one know what's going on because I sure as hell didn't! So back on we go....and we wait...and wait....and wait. Low and behold....another faulty train, just great. Then, we are told with merely 5 minutes before it's due to leave that there is another train to euston if we wanted. So, if I wanted to get to my destination I'm now being expected to run up and down stairs to another platform with hoards of people and a very heavy suitcase!! Get there with 2 minutes to find this one is also delayed, starting to wonder if I was ever going to leave Birmingham! Through the stress of this poor service and being shockingly behind schedule making people expecting me wait an hour and a half longer than necessary and stressfully trying to sort my other connections I lost my purse. Thankfully I already had accomedation sorted but I now get to embrace my ruined holiday thanks to this dreadful train service with no money and no cards. Thank you for a ruined holiday.
    2014-08-05 06:02:51

    Other - TT Le

    @VirginTrainsWifi horrible service. I bought the 3hrs package wifi for £6 to watch them WC game and then the wifi couldn't even load a short video of 2' on the web, no need to say about the game I was looking forward to watch. The wifi connection was horrible and so disappointed. To load this page of to make a complaint it took nearly 3 minutes. Virgin train wifi is a joke, and virgin train shouldn't even provide it at first cause it's so slow and hardly working. Really disappointed and sad cause i missed the match because of a horrible wifi service.! No one should buy it. Use your 3G is faster!!!
    2014-07-08 21:08:06

    Cancellation - Edwin

    I train scheduled to travel from Birmingham to London at 12.50pm was cancelled. I was put on the next train which didn't leave until 1.20pm. Causing me to miss my appointment in London. I therefore have to schedule another trip again giving me additional expenses
    2014-06-26 12:29:33

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