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We travelled from Euston to Warrington on 20/07/16 in first class. Our carriage H was blowing hot air and there was an announcement (almost unintelligible) to tell us to find other seats in another carriage. No help was offered. It was very hot and aged 72 and 68 it was a struggle to move all our things including cases and find other seats. The staff were generally rather uncouth.

On the return journey 21/07/16 we were given sandwiches/tuna salad rather than a meal as one staff rudely told us it was too hot in the kitchen for anything else and showed me his sweaty shirt. I feel sorry for your staff but did not see the need to be rude and altogether neither journey seemed to be anywhere near first class service. We had recently travelled back from Spain and need to get to a family celebration the next day so thought we would treat ourselves to first class ... what a disappointment.

Maria hutton


Our train should have been 8-53 am fro. Crewe to London Euston we left Crewe at 9-55am

On board service was poor, we were offered ? Fruit bun, it was in fact a panettoncino, how disgusting.

I was up at 7am, at the station for 8-30am delayed an 1hr and this is the disgusting food you offer to travellers.

I travel this route several times a yr.



Travelled on 22 July 2016 from Newcastle to Wakefield Westgate on 1741 departure

On arrival at Leeds we were told our departure would be delayed pending arrival of new driver at Leeds, who was travelling up on a delayed service

Timetabled departure time from Leeds was 1911

Actual departure time from Leeds was 1938

Separately there were no catering facilities on the train from Newcastle to Wakefield

Leo Kennedy


Dear Virgin Complaints,

I'm very sorry, I meant my complaint was published on 15/07/2016.

Thank you, Mr Kennedy

Leo Kennedy


Dear Virgin complaints,

I posted a complaint on 15/07/2015 and it has now magically disappeared. I understood my complaint was firm but fair. No invective or bad language was used but a small amount of sarcasm was evident. However, in the interests of customer care and democracy, can someone tell me where my complaint is?

Thank you, Mr Kennedy



Air conditioning not working and I paid for first-class



On the 14.43 Euston to Bank Quay in Warrington - feel faint and overheated with the temperature in this carriage and the train is running late. Its unfair to charge me to sit in these uncomfortable and unhealthy conditions - my blood pressure is through the roof. Trying to stay cool with drinks.. we should all be given a bottle of cold water..



My first virgin train travel on sunday 17th July, Way too many people on the train both ways to/from London, back to the cheaper option at least we'll get a seat!

Aneil Persad



On Sunday 17th July at 3:10pm Virgin train going to London Euston from Birmingham new street. The train was extremely hot no air con was working, toilets was messey with human waste inside it, staffs was unhelpful didn't explain nothing no communication and told us we had to pay for water even tho the train had no air con working on a very hot day, also it was my partner birthday and his journey has spoil it for her we paid a lot of money for the tickets and we only ask for water and couldn't even get any this was very poor customer service.

Thank You

Tony Head


The Warrington Bank Quay to Euston train was on time up until 20-minutes before it was due to arrive, when it was suddenly cancelled with no explanation. Just before it was due to arrive "overhead line issues in the Carlisle area" were announced as the caused, but an alternative train service was being put on albeit running 25-minutes late.

You can't tell me that the first Virgin knew of a problem with the train was 20-minutes before it's arrival given the apparent cause was 120 miles further north.

To cap things off the following train which was a stopping service to also to Euston and due to arrive 19-minutes later was delayed by 1 hour & 21 minutes (initially) - they'd managed to work out that this was delayed ahead of time so why not the train 19-minutes earlier.

The final straw was just before the train arrived 28-minutes after it was originally due a further announcement advised people who arrived to catch the later train to also catch this one and change at Crewe, which had been added to the previous non-stop service and the train had been reduced from 11-carriages to 9-carriages - so standing room only then...!

Jane toure


Pay for a 1st class ticket on the 20:40 train from London Euston to Manchester Piccadilly 14/7/2016. I thought there would be hot food but wasn't and only had two item on the menu.

I wonder why this was


Mrs Jane Toure

Henry Biney

Dirty Train

The state of the Virgin train from Glasgow Central to Edinburgh was truly shocking. It is dirtiest train I have ever been on with rubbish lying on almost every other seat. to make matters worse, there was a sewage odour in almost every carriage

Richard Parry


Virgin Rail iOS App not available on US AppStore

I'm a Brit living in the US and return frequently. I've become very keen on travel by Virgin Rail but it's infuriating that the app is not available on the US AppStore .

It's free so there is no question of billing issues.

The same problem exists for the mob lie phone companies as well. They offer great services to visitors to the UK, but you can't get the app overseas.

Make me an even bigger fan, give me the app.

Thanks for listening.



Booked specifically a forward facing, table seat with plug, on half empty train allocated rear facing, no table ,no plug seat... Grabbed another seat... 2 bags of debris on floor, all for £148??

I'm on the Milton Keynes to Liverpool service, date 28th June , departed at 838am...

Sheila Doyle


I am most unimpressed with the service I received travelling on Virgin trains yesterday (26/6/16) on the 19:01 service from Crewe to Chester. The train departed on time but was delayed arriving in Chester by 6 minutes due to a cow on the line as announced on the loudspeaker. Thus instead of arriving in Chester at 19:19 which would allow me to catch my connection to Wrexham at 19:26, the train arrived at 19:25 on platform 3b. This allowed only 1 minute to not only check which platform the Wrexham train was on, but also to get there. It turned out the platform (4) was up the stairs and across the bridge. Having 2 heavy pieces of luggage unfortunately 2 minutes was not enough despite rushing. As a result there was at least 10 passengers, including two elderly couples who were left behind. The next available train was not until an hour later at 20:28.

This situation could have easily been avoided by yourselves had a conductor checked our tickets and rang ahead to hold the Wrexham train. However, talking to the other delayed passengers, not one of us had our tickets checked on the Crewe train. Furthermore, this could have also been easily avoided had the Crewe train announced which platform to go to for the Wrexham train, which would have at least given us more of a chance to catch it.

I am fortunate Wrexham was my final stop as had I required a further train, the impact of this hour delay would be greater, especially on a Sunday evening. Travelling this route regularly, it worries me that I can not rely on this service to get me home on time. Please ensure this incidence is prevented in the future as it is most disruptive for a lot of passengers.

John marsh


After going on National Rail Enquires to work out time and price to travel from Fratton Station to Milton Keynes Central so that I could get to an event I had entered, I printed of the details and then went to Portsmouth and Southsea Station and purchased my ticket, using my Network rail card for a discounted fare. I was sold the ticket and the fare was the same as advertised on NRE website. the train was for leaving Fratton at 05-28 on Saturday 25th June arriving at Waterloo at 07-30 while on this train my ticket was checked,then as advertised used the tube to travel to Euston arriving at 07-48 and was due to get the 08-10 service as shown on print out. I was actually early so I attempted to board a train that went slightly earlier(my ticket was not for any specific timed train, I was told in no uncertain terms I could not travel on any Virgin till 10-30am and that was final, I was went to enquires no joy, just a shrug. in the end I had to pay £7 extra to travel, if the fares advertised by the NRE site is not as shown and you do not recognise, why are your trains shown, there is no small print to say anything, I looking to see what your reply is and may go to Trading Standards in 15 working days and make an official complaint that your company is not complying with consumer rights act by hiding info.



I booked first class tickets for my family of four from Glasgow to London return. I stupidly never thought about the time I would get our connecting train on the way home! our connecting train is at 10.04pm which is a busy larger lout train from Glasgow to Kilmarnock.

I phoned the unhelpful customer service at the train line company to be told its my own fault and they wont change us to an earlier train home. even though its a lot cheaper for us to travel back earlier and we don't want the money refunded just a swap to the empty train would be fine.

we will not be going by train again to London!! flights were a lot cheaper but thought would be a change for the children to go on the train. very disappointed!!



Taking the Euston-Milton Keynes everyday and what a chaos as Virgin does not load the Reserved or Available signs on the seats, most of the time , letting people down as no one knows if the seat is reserved or available . Crowds of people have to tell passengers who are already seated and settled to move . Arguments break out , people are stuck in the alley, the first ten minutes are a real mess and disgrace . What is Virgin doing ? What is wrong with loading the seating info ?

Tim Kennett



I purchased a 1st class ticket from Peterborough to Kings Cross, very disappointed to be told I wouldn't get any food! Is this right? An hour journey and no food??


Tim Kennett

m kane


Dear Madam/ Sir,

I'm afraid to say my opening line is, a huge disapponting 1st Class travel experience!!

I travel 1st or Buisness class all the time. I decided to train out your 1st class experience & it was less than I could ever have expected!!

Despite booking a return journey from Manchester, I was only given 1 reference & received outbound tickets at Euston. That meant a long queue, and then going through a rather arduos ordeal to get my return tickets. I'm not sure why this was,as your representative could not expalin it eiather.

Upon arriving in the 1st class lounge,I was greeted with with nothing more than empty food cases,messy tables & the most unhelpful,uninterested staff I've ever encountered in such a lounge.

So, lets move on.......

The seats were comfortable,space fine,but........and yes but....the food on offer, was no better than any cheap fast food place at the station.....I was told that I could only have one of the option for the morning journey and,if anything was left over,they'd come back!!! 1st class....really!!!

When I asked for a glass of wine,I was informed that I was 20 minutes too early & should've booked a later train,if I wanted a glass of wine!!!!! Really!!!

The return journey was even worse........The 1st class lounge was closed.....

The food is a loose term.....crackers,soft cheese & no alcohol served over the weekend......

On top of that....I pre booked my return.......a chap sitting opposite me, paid just £15 for a my maths,i would've been better off buying a standard ticket & paying the extra!!

I will never travel 1st class Virgin trains again & I will endeavour to highlight such poor service,facilities & staff interaction to all I know that travel 1st or business class.

I was considering Virgin Business flight, but I think I will continue with Emirates....


A very Disappointed first time Virgin traveller