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    Ticketing - P Reynolds

    Virgin, the new Ryan Air, what a rip off I turned up this morning to catch my train which my PA booked (1st class) to find I couldn't obtain ticket from machine in my usual way. On speaking with sales assistant I was told I had an e-ticket which requires printing out (all new to me) so I politely asked if she would print it off for me on the printer directly behind her which I was smugly told that's not for customer use! WHAT!!!!! Then I was smugly told I had to buy another full price ticket when I could show her the booking and payment on my phone. I'm gobsmacked at this attitude in this highly competitive market. What has happened to Virgin, the company which stood for the consumer/customer. I've grown up with this brand and, well I'm totally disappointed and will go out of my way not to travel with any virgin method of transport. In addition I'm just moving house and virgin media will also be loosing my business, time to try sky. I hope this finds it's way to someone who can change this culture before it's to late. I apologise if there are spelling mistakes but my blood is boiling.
    2014-03-29 08:24:32

    Unhelpful Staff - IoanaC

    I'm so disgusted by their refunds process. I bought tickets under booking ref NNRJ2L4C on 12th February. I called 3 times your customer services until I managed to speak with a quite bright person. I asked for the refund for the outward trip to London. I was told that I can cancel that ticket and get a total refund of £35.50 withing the next 4 weeks. And I booked another ticket (much higher price of course). I send the ticket to Edinburgh office on 13th February. Today is 27th of March and I still didn't receive my refund. Today I contacted them again and I was told they never received the tickets. I didn't send them by recorded mail (other money, more fun) and now I can't get a refund. This company is a disgrace. Tickets prices are so high ... customer services phone numbers are charges and at least they can't be professional.
    2014-03-27 15:43:26

    Delay - liz gleave

    I booked the 16.54 train Motherwell to Warrington bank quay. The train terminated at Preston with onward notifcations if you were travelling to Milton Keynes, Watford or London Euston. No onward notification for Wigan North Western or Warrington Bank Quay - Come on Virgin get your act together we are all customers
    2014-03-26 21:55:06

    Delay - lisa Attenborrow

    Dear sir/madam I have to use the train from new street Birmingham to Nuneaton every Thursday. Nearly every time i get the train it is late or delayed. I usually get the 9.22 towards Nuneaton. Its a important journey for me because i use it for my college placement to get to a animal rescue centre. I have been late nearly every week thanks to the virgin trains being late. The one week i was told they were only running every hour and even that one was late. I ended up going back home, because my placement manager said it wasn't worth me coming in that day. This has affected my reference for future jobs. Another problem i have is i am dyslexic and apart from twice, the platform number has changed a few minutes before the train was due, this has also made me miss my train twice, it seems to be between platform 10A-11A or 8A this is highly confusing when you have auto visual problems. i have to ask train staff to point me in the right direction because i have trouble seeing the information screens. I also often see a very elderly man who always misses his train because he can't get to the changed platform on time. Can you please tell me why this always happens. i have to get the London midland train first from Yardley wood and have never had problems like this. I also find the fares extremely expensive and would expect a better service that what i have been receiving. This has made me consider doing my placement at a different location where i don't need to use the unreliable virgin trains.I have a of few of the train tickets. the the number on the tickets are 60232 5060453748 and another is 62533 5060453748. please let me know if any improvements will be made to this service and why i am having these problems Yours Sincerely L. Attenborrow. I will also include my address and would prefer to be contacted through the post please,if possible as i have borrowed this computer to state the problems i am having, my address is: Lisa Attenborrow 417 wake green road Moseley Birmingham B13 0BJ
    2014-03-22 17:38:18

    Delay - Angela Halliwell

    Just arrived back from London arriving at Liverpool on the 17.33 travelled first class the quality of the meal was awful chicken and new potatoes. It was a few chicken wings in a BBQ sauce and tepid old new potatoes not up to first class standard could do better
    2014-03-22 08:52:59

    Delay - Cello Vashti Dutton-David

    I am a student, and had to do work which involved the internet, unfortunately my grandad died, so I was traveling via virgin trains to his funeral so I couldn't do this work as normal. So instead I was forced to spend 5 pounds on the wifi on the train to complete my work.. It took my money but refused to connect me... It may seem a small amount but I am a poor student and categorically cannot afford to throw 5 pounds away
    2014-03-19 00:08:59

    Delay - Janet Crawford

    Dear Sir, I am writing to complain about my travel on Virgin trains. I purchased a ticket on 1st march 2014 costing £68.50 to travel to Milton Keynes changing at Preston. I pre-booked a seat at the window with table and power point, when I got on the train to find my seat, it was two seats facing the side of the luggage holder with no view, or power point, The train driver announced that he was sorry but there was something wrong with the reserved booking system and wasn't working. On my second journey to Preston my seat was the same no window or powerpoint. I was informed by staff at the Paisley station that it would be cheaper to purchase my return ticket at Milton Keynes the day of return. I went to purchase my return ticket on the day of travel 2 March 2014, I was then told that the only ticket I could get was £116.30. I was really annoyed as I could have purchased a return ticket for £116 online. I was also told that I could not book a seat after paying that amount of money. Altogether it cost me £184.80. I am sure it wouldn't have cost as much to fly. I enjoy traveling by train but feel this whole journey was disappointing from start to finish. I would appreciate if you could give this complaint your urgent attention. I still have the tickets for all the journey's involved Janet Crawford
    2014-03-13 16:04:32

    Food - Della Kirby

    currently on virgin trains service from wigan to london euston 1st class. no catering available which is unacceptable. i paid for a 1st class ticket to recieve ameal on my journey
    2014-03-12 09:12:30

    Delay - ajitpal atwal

    hi i was delayed yesterday on the 1840 train from glasgow central to bham new st. the train was on time the whole journey until it got to my station where it pulled in 15 minutes later than the stated time and the time said by the driver, and even the driver did not apologise for the lateness. Can you offer some kind of refund as this made me miss my taxi and have to wait another 15 minutes to order another one as well as being blacklisted by that taxi company for time wasting. Thanks
    2014-03-09 18:22:58

    Other - Steve Hipkiss

    Dear Sirs I get the train 8:30 each morning from Birmingham New Street to Birmingham International, however this applies to every journey. Passengers sit in the isle seat when the window seat is free. During rush hour this is both mindless and dangerous as it blocks up the exists either end of the carriage. On Wednesday 5th March 2014 the conductor did address the issue of people cramming in by the doors which meant others could not board the train as it appeared full, however the carriages were only half full due to passengers taking up the isle seats only in half the carriages. It would be beneficial if the Conductor could approach this on the public address system at regular intervals along with an ticket inspector doing regular rounds to ensure this ongoing problem is rectified. I think you can see the ongoing problem here and also the solution. Many thanks Steve Hipkiss
    2014-03-07 09:18:24

    Other - Maureen Reddick

    March 3rd time 11 10pm on trying to leave the train at Nuneaton railway station.The electronic door let one of our party through and left the other 6 of us behind a door that would not open,press it again it let us through train door had already closed,leaving all 7 of us on the train..No answer from the driver hence we were took to Tamworth Station whereupon we had to get a minibus to take us back to our home address not very good service from Virgin why couldn't we access the door why didn't anyone answer our call.After a day out in London this was the last experience we needed.The train we boarded was the 10pm from Euston to London a horrible ending to a good day out plus extra expense of a minicab to get us all home .7not very happy travellers......
    2014-03-04 13:09:11

    Ticketing - Liam

    Copy of a letter I emailed Virgin Trains today after stupidness: Hello, I'd like to just make a complaint about the Virgin Trains service. I don't want to get anyone in trouble or take it any further but I wanted you to know that I was less than satisfied by the conduct of your staff, notably on the 18:05 service from London Euston to Liverpool tonight (02/03/14). I carry a 16-25 Railcard. I have used Virgin Trains every single week for the last 6 months to work a voluntary job I don't get paid for, because 95% of the work I want is based in London and nothing's happening up north. Anyway, what exactly was the deal with the 18:05 from Euston to Liverpool? After the platform number for departure was announced on the boards, the following execution was like a re-enactment of a border crossing of refugees into a military coup, with rows of police stood either side of the passengers and two sets of Virgin Rail staff to get through in order to board the train. I made it through the first set fine, however I can't say the same for the second. What's ironic is that I actually sort of EXPECTED one of your staff to find a problem with something regarding my ticket as I approached a lady from the second set of staff, who all looked much more eager than the first to find something suspicious on us dangerous commuters (oooooh). And guess what, as I handed my 3 cards (1 train card, 2 rail cards - one with photo, one with date of validity) to the individual, she took one look at the ‘Valid Until’ part of my Railcard and decided there and then that I had tampered with the date on it. "What’s wrong with your Railcard? Have you gone over it and changed the date? It looks like it's been changed", she told me in an overly-accusatory tone, expecting an explanation from me. Not sure what she meant, I asked what was wrong with my Railcard which I've used every single week for the past 6 months after I've spent a shitload of money on Virgin Trains to get to London and back for a job I don't even get paid for. "The print on it has faded, it looks like you’ve gone over it with something and the date’s been changed", she explained to me, and then looked up again for an explanation from me. Well what was I supposed to tell her? The railcard is made of cardboard perhaps 2 molecules thicker than a piece of paper and I carry it in my pocket every single week after I've spent a shitload of money on Virgin Trains to get to London and back to work a job I don't even get paid for. Now I may be a layman when it comes to the subject of date-printing on Railcards, but I suspect that when you combine these 2 factors, it's axiomatic to conclude that perhaps, just maybe, the ink that was used in the stamping of my Railcard might have, over time, I dunno.... faded a little? No, surely not. Seemingly unable to solve the mystery in front of her and determined to find a more sinister reason for the slightly faded print, the staff member again told me that I'd gone over it with a marker and then handed my Railcard to her colleague, who looked at it, shook her head, and agreed with her colleague that I had indeed, gone over the date with a pen, or marker, or something. (Maybe it's just me, but wouldn’t the fact that the print was FADED suggest that I HADN'T gone over it with a marker? Unless I was really, really pathetic at forgery and had not in fact been able to complete such an arduous task of going over letters and numbers with a marker). Again, put in a position where I was being accused by 2 of your staff members of tampering with my Railcard, which I use every single week after spending a shitload of money on Virgin Trains to work a job that I don't get paid for, I was left with the only option of telling them what I knew "Well, I HAVEN’T touched my Railcard, I HAVEN’T gone over it with a marker, so I can offer you no explanation" ...Apart from the really, really obvious... ...that it had faded... ...over time. Noooooooo, no, no, no! Unconvinced that I was not a devious conman trickster (and failed marker pen over-writer), and fuelled by the rows of policeman standing around us dastardly commuters, in her quest to find me guilty and sentence me to 100 years in the gallows followed by eternal damnation in Hell, the colleague took my card, casually whipped out a lighter and said "Well there's only one way to find out". I actually thought I was in a movie at this point. It was THAT ridiculous. She then proceeded to lift her lighter up to my card (I’ve since heard that this is a standard custom but at the time I couldn’t believe my eyes) and light a fire to my railcard in front of everyone until it was completely black. After she'd finished, she looked rather perplexed as she gave another prolonged stare at my card, almost as if she was expecting some form of divine alchemic reaction that hadn't quite come to fruition. But it was just black and my Railcard was now un-readable. Disappointed that putting my Railcard, which I use every single week after paying Virgin Trains a shitload of money to get to London and back to work a job I don't even get paid for, to fire did not give her the expected the results, she handed me back my blackened, unusable card, wrote the date on the back shoddily (of course it was now completely non-visible at the front) and told me with great authority I have to get a new one at the station I was getting off at. Well gee, welcome to Virgin Trains! Glad to have you aboard! Seriously guys, PLEASE tell your staff to lighten up a little, especially when your paying and loyal customers are surrounded my police. You're making us feel like we've done something wrong and it’s just not nice. I knew I'd encounter a problem because I COULD TELL your staff wanted one. Instead of saying “The ink on your card is faded, can you get it re-stamped at the next station please? Thanks”, I get told that I have committed a crime in front of a bunch of policeman, have my card burned and then have to pay another £10 at the next station for a replacement and fill out a form which none of the station staff want to do. Even as I was being accused of altering the date on my Railcard (which by the way if you haven’t guessed by now, I DIDN'T do) another lovely young lady who was next to me was being reprimanded for something seemingly equally stupid. Now I know you’ll come back at me with the blah blah bureaucracy and “these are regulations we have to make to ensure blah” and so on and so forth. But the point is, your staff were LOOKING for problems and making us commuters feel like criminals and wrongdoers. I do not appreciate being told I’ve forged my Railcard when I haven’t. I spend dozens and dozens of hours travelling every week and I can honestly say with no bias, the Virgin Rail staff are unequivocally the least polite, friendly and approachable staff of all the different trains/tubes I use. Even most of the train shop staff (again, which I use every single week despite the sandwiches being £3.50 a pop) fail to make eye contact or give a smile. Now Richard Branson seems like a nice guy to me, and maybe I'm mistaken but I don't believe he'd want his Virgin Rail staff to be anything less than polite and friendly to his customers. You CAN enforce laws and checks somewhat politely, y'know. And without burning people's frigging Railcards and forcing them to pay for a new one! So, please in the future implement something which will ensure that your Rail staff aren't treating your customers like drug mules who deserve to be looked at and handled with suspicion, when all we want to do is get home and chill. Before it all starts again. Thanks and goodnight. p.s. the "please don't flush old phones, your ex's sweater, hopes or dreams down the toilet" thing was a nice little addition.
    2014-03-02 22:17:59

    Other - Sangy

    Virgin trains were unable to provide 2 coaches on the 7.23pm train on 28/2/14. Therefore passengers on the train were left standing and I was threatened by a man because I stepped on his foot - he was standing in the shop area. Virgin seriously need to step up with providing seats for all their passengers especially with the prices we pay.
    2014-02-28 21:58:51

    Delay - Jessica Stuart

    I travelled from London Euston to Preston on Sunday 9th of February at 18:28 and was due to arrive at 20:38 however we arrived at 21:45 I therefore missed my further travel from Preston to my home. I would therefore like to be compensated due to this as the train driver told us very little about our estimated time of arrive.
    2014-02-24 17:01:42

    Ticketing - Byron Carmona

    I travelled with my partner from London Euston on Friday the 14th of February at 11:07am and returned from Liverpool Lime Street on the following Sunday 16th at 18:47pm. I would like to show my concern and disappointment as I spent a total of GBP 150.70 on 2 return tickets and found that no member of staff asked to inspect our tickets before, during and after our journey and no barrier system was found in any of the stations. All this makes me wonder if anyone can jump into one of your trains and travel across Britain for free due to the lack of Security measures. As well as making me feel unsafe as there are no Security controls in place. Nevertheless I want to express my concern as I feel that I have been robbed as I saw that I could have just travelled for free instead of paying a total of GBP 150.70. Byron.
    2014-02-21 06:07:52

    Cancellation - Oliwia Henshaw

    Hi, I travelled today on your service from Birmingham New Street to London Euston. My 10:50 train was cancelled and I was placed on the 11:10 service. This service was carrying people from both my cancelled train, the 11:10 train and cancelled trains from Birmingham Mood Street. I am absolutely disgusted. I had a reserved seat which of course I did not get, I was stuck standing by the toilets for 2 hours (The service was supposed to take 1 hour 25 mins) with nowhere to even move. I expect this to be dealt with I look forward to your response, Oliwia
    2014-02-15 14:10:15

    Delay - Elle Covell

    Just got told on a busy and delayed train I couldn't sit in first class. I am pregnant, they made me move... And didn't even help me with my stuff. DISGRACEFUL. Got told 'we've all been pregnant love'
    2014-02-13 21:31:09

    Delay - Imran

    This morning the 10/02/14 the 07.30 train was cancelled, the following one delayed over crowded, had to stand 45 mins into journey. Virgin rail appauling!!
    2014-02-10 17:00:06

    Delay - Fred Cuthbert

    Delayed 6.5hrs + the way we were treated Cattle have to be treated better than the way we were treated . I believe they are running the Virgin Name into the Ground. Have sent two letters of my complaint . The Virgin company have not even acknowledged the receipt of my complaints . 1st letter sent on 4th January 2014 . 2nd letter handed in to the Glasgow office on the 22nd January 2014 . still no acknowledgement from Virgin Trains they do not care about the way they treat there customers
    2014-02-10 15:44:35

    Delay - Caroline

    I would like to complain about the appalling service running from Manchester Piccadilly to Macclesfield on the London Euston train, the train stopped in Macclesfield but the doors would not open and there were no conductors around to speak too, resulting in me having to get of in stoke on Trent and Waite a further hour to return to macclesfield . I will not use virgin trains again after this appalling experience!
    2014-02-09 22:06:54

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