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John marsh


After going on National Rail Enquires to work out time and price to travel from Fratton Station to Milton Keynes Central so that I could get to an event I had entered, I printed of the details and then went to Portsmouth and Southsea Station and purchased my ticket, using my Network rail card for a discounted fare. I was sold the ticket and the fare was the same as advertised on NRE website. the train was for leaving Fratton at 05-28 on Saturday 25th June arriving at Waterloo at 07-30 while on this train my ticket was checked,then as advertised used the tube to travel to Euston arriving at 07-48 and was due to get the 08-10 service as shown on print out. I was actually early so I attempted to board a train that went slightly earlier(my ticket was not for any specific timed train, I was told in no uncertain terms I could not travel on any Virgin till 10-30am and that was final, I was went to enquires no joy, just a shrug. in the end I had to pay £7 extra to travel, if the fares advertised by the NRE site is not as shown and you do not recognise, why are your trains shown, there is no small print to say anything, I looking to see what your reply is and may go to Trading Standards in 15 working days and make an official complaint that your company is not complying with consumer rights act by hiding info.



I booked first class tickets for my family of four from Glasgow to London return. I stupidly never thought about the time I would get our connecting train on the way home! our connecting train is at 10.04pm which is a busy larger lout train from Glasgow to Kilmarnock.

I phoned the unhelpful customer service at the train line company to be told its my own fault and they wont change us to an earlier train home. even though its a lot cheaper for us to travel back earlier and we don't want the money refunded just a swap to the empty train would be fine.

we will not be going by train again to London!! flights were a lot cheaper but thought would be a change for the children to go on the train. very disappointed!!



Taking the Euston-Milton Keynes everyday and what a chaos as Virgin does not load the Reserved or Available signs on the seats, most of the time , letting people down as no one knows if the seat is reserved or available . Crowds of people have to tell passengers who are already seated and settled to move . Arguments break out , people are stuck in the alley, the first ten minutes are a real mess and disgrace . What is Virgin doing ? What is wrong with loading the seating info ?

Tim Kennett



I purchased a 1st class ticket from Peterborough to Kings Cross, very disappointed to be told I wouldn't get any food! Is this right? An hour journey and no food??


Tim Kennett

m kane


Dear Madam/ Sir,

I'm afraid to say my opening line is, a huge disapponting 1st Class travel experience!!

I travel 1st or Buisness class all the time. I decided to train out your 1st class experience & it was less than I could ever have expected!!

Despite booking a return journey from Manchester, I was only given 1 reference & received outbound tickets at Euston. That meant a long queue, and then going through a rather arduos ordeal to get my return tickets. I'm not sure why this was,as your representative could not expalin it eiather.

Upon arriving in the 1st class lounge,I was greeted with with nothing more than empty food cases,messy tables & the most unhelpful,uninterested staff I've ever encountered in such a lounge.

So, lets move on.......

The seats were comfortable,space fine,but........and yes but....the food on offer, was no better than any cheap fast food place at the station.....I was told that I could only have one of the option for the morning journey and,if anything was left over,they'd come back!!! 1st class....really!!!

When I asked for a glass of wine,I was informed that I was 20 minutes too early & should've booked a later train,if I wanted a glass of wine!!!!! Really!!!

The return journey was even worse........The 1st class lounge was closed.....

The food is a loose term.....crackers,soft cheese & no alcohol served over the weekend......

On top of that....I pre booked my return.......a chap sitting opposite me, paid just £15 for a my maths,i would've been better off buying a standard ticket & paying the extra!!

I will never travel 1st class Virgin trains again & I will endeavour to highlight such poor service,facilities & staff interaction to all I know that travel 1st or business class.

I was considering Virgin Business flight, but I think I will continue with Emirates....


A very Disappointed first time Virgin traveller

lesley cook


My train from Edinburgh Haymarket to Wolverhampton at 16.57 was cancelled today. I had to make a mad dive to Waverly to travel on 17.00 to York- Birmingham New Street then onto Wolverhampton expected arrival at 22. 12, well over our expected arrival of 20.35pm.

Carmen Brady

Unhelpful Staff

I travelled from Mauritius ( exceptional customer services) on Wednesday 15th June 2016 leaving 21.25 and eventually arriving in Birmingham international airport at midday 16th June 2016 , I boarded the 12.53pm train to Glasgow having travelled 17 hours. I had 1 piece of luggage 22kgs and no where to stash it on the train I momently placed it in the wheelchair zone to move if necessary, I was told by a member of Virgin staff that the space was for disabled users and asked if I was disabled to whichI replied no, and was told again sarcastically that the space was for disabled people, I replied that I would move, she then followed me out to the corridor and told me I couldn't stand there as I was blocking the corridor , so moving further along the corridor at which time a wheelchair user came onboard, the same member of staff called out to me and pointed out that this was an example of a disabled person in a wheelchair.( embarrassing for the disabled person) I took exception to her manner as she was obviously trying to embarrass me in front of a full train, she had made an assumption about me, therefore I made and assumption about her and replied that she obviously had received a high level of education to be employed by virgin, she began to shout at me and her senior who had just boarded the train told me that I would be removed from the train if I continued to speak to the member of staff in that manner, as she had heard what I had said.

I asked for her name, but she stepped of the train with the member of staff who continued to berate ( for virgin staff ; definition : to rebuke or scold angrily and at length) me from outside the train.

I took a photo of the corridor which was now full of people and luggage as there was no where else for them to go.

My complaint is why is a member of Virgin staff allowed to speak to me in this manner, but when I speak to her in the same manner, I'm threatened with removal from the train. So zero tolerance for the staff but not for the customers.

An official complaint to go to Virgin and copied to watchdog, because I'm sure that this is one of many!



sean field


dear sir

I'm writing this because of the train journey I experienced on the 27th may 2016 me and my sister got on the train at kings cross and we were going to Scotland for the weekend. we were unable to reserve seats, but we were told we would be able to sit down as long as the seats were not already booked.

when we got on the train there were no seats to sit down so we had to stand not only that the whole carriage was packed full of people standing up we couldn't move anywhere.

for 5hours we had to stand and we paid £166 each that is a lot of money to stand up in a carriage way treated like animals. we couldn't move to get a drink, food or ever go to the toilet. and I'm very annoyed about the way we were treaded it just seems to me that the company didn't care about their customers that day it was all about getting as many on a train to make as much money as possible.

and I can be safe to say ill never be traveling with virgin trains again.

I still have the tickets if you need to see them

king regards


Ian ferguson


My train was canseled from London to Doncaster 19 o3 due to a fire at retford



Total disregard for quiet zone by virgin staff on 12.43 Edinburgh from Euston on three seperste occassions.

Totally unaceptable. Loud talking and phone calls being made and received.

paul cain

Unhelpful Staff

I came In to Piccadilly train for help and the person at the counter didn't want to know and was very unhelpful I was digusted with the service and I am considering going with sumbody else



£130 for a return fare to Newcastle:

Over packed trains

Poeple sitting in corridors

No space for luggage

Seats too tightly packed together

Could not move about the train

Air conditioning not working

Plugs not working

There used ot be two toilets in the vestibule but one toilet in each vestibule had been removed there were constant ques for the toilet

DISGUSTING TOILETS - stinking wet blocked not flushing


Marie Chilcott


I'm on one of your trains at this very minute and just been told on a Saturday you don't have breakfast???? I pay for 1st class and normally ever time I travel on a Saturday I get something not just a hot drink and a smile a member of your staff has been trying to tell me that you never serve food but I've had food on your service!!!!! Very hungry!!!!!



I made a complaint back in February about how god awful the online system is to book a ticket, I had a train ticket to London from York in my basket for a very good price got all the way through to the payment page to find out that my ticket was no longer available. I was very very angry because then I had to pay the increased ticket amount of £70 for a single to London - absolutely ridiculous amount of money. Rang the phone line as advised my the complaints twitter account to be told there was nothing that they could do and it is just the way that it is and they are not to blame. When I returned from London i had received a letter in the post with a £45 voucher for the trouble I had been caused - which i was very grateful for, and I think shows they care about their customers. However I have had yet another problem, as stated on this letter it says I can use this voucher either in the station or over the phone and as I do not live near a station I decided to call them yesterday to use this voucher to book a train to London again - I was then told that this voucher is not valid and cannot be used. I am very disappointed with the service I have received from Virgin Trains. Very disappointed indeed as now I am yet again going to have to pay full price for a train ticket.

Ben Bartlett



I was travelling on the 15:08 London Euston to Chester train travelling in First Class coach E seat 33. The WiFi was unusable throughout the journey. I followed the steps provided if the WiFI doesn't work, and these still failed. I am a senior IT Engineer and know how to use WiFi, I made contact with the train crew and he was not sure what to do about this. I could not even connect to the page for most of the journey.

This is not the first time that WiFi has not worked on Virgin trains.

J brailsford


Was on train 215 from Manchester's Piccadilly to Milton Keynes was delayed by 40 minutes broken line I think we mist are lift cost 40 pound in taxi was not happy at all because was with woman I care for she has mental health ishuses and had panic attack had to get her home Quick ticket numbers are 6863174963 and 6863174963 if you need to call me for more info call 01296580317



The worst booking experience online then by phone that I've ever experienced from any company for anything ever. It would have been easier to drive the 30 miles to the station and buy a ticket than going on Virgin's site to book and buy a ticket. They charged me, gave me a ticket number then decided they couldn't email or let me print a ticket from the web site then told me that I would have to book another ticket and they would take £10 to cancel the first ticket. Then on the second call they issued a ticket number but told me I would have to queue at the station to collect the ticket. Whats the point of online booking because it doesn't work ......... then just try and reserve a seat ....... totally impossible. Moral being don't use Virgin Trains.



Paid £4 to have wifi for an hour and service was awful! Constantly dropping bandwidth!

John Millard


On the 14th April 2016 I travelled first class between Carlisle and Plymouth.The train I was due to travel on was cancelled due to a fault and the next train was running late. As a consequence I arrived at Plymouth precisely 2 hours late.

I contacted Virgin upon my return who allocated me a case number.I followed this up by sending in a completed delay refund form as provided for me at Carlisle station along with a copy of my on-line booking confirmation.

They acknowledged receipt and gave me another case number ! Nothing else then happened and I have ever since been trying to contact them by e-mail/phone /on-line. There seems to be a battle going on between Virgin Trains and Virgin Coast East as to who is responsible.When I did finally get thru on the phone I got no-where with promises of return phone calls did not happen - THE CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THE WORST I HAVE EVER KNOWN -quite unbelievable ! They are blocking me at every turn and clearly do not want to pay out -so much for all their hype that they care and can offer a quick response !! The net result of all the time I have spent on this is to be allocated a third case number! CAN ANYONE OUT THERE PLEASE HELP ?

Thank you -John Millard

Chris Atkinson


I made an email compaint on the 25th April, I have asked for updates on two futher ocassions since then and had no response. I have sent a tweet and still nothing , I'm at the point of never using your service again. Please can you email me asap for details